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On May 1st We Should Remember The Horrors Of Communism And Socialism

International Workers’ Day, also known as Labor Day in some places, is a celebration laborers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement, socialists, communists and anarchists and occurs every year on the first of May. The day was chosen to honor rioters who killed seven policemen during the Haymarket affair, and was promoted by the international communist or socialist movements which during the 20th century killed at least 94 million people.

LGBT Activists ‘Twerk’ Their Way From White House to Trump Hotel

This is the face of “The Resistance™”.

“Hundreds of people twerked their way from the White House to the Trump Hotel in Washington DC on Friday, to protest against US President Donald Trump’s stance on LGBT issues, transgender rights and the environment,” Ruptly reports.

Militant ‘Antifa’ Activists Have ‘Deep Ties’ to Notorious NAMBLA Pedophiles

This weekend, new documents surfaced by the Daily Caller allege deep ties between BAMN and the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). According to the documents, BAMN’s parent organization worked directly with NAMBLA prior to founding BAMN. Additionally, one of BAMN’s founders is an admitted member of the pro-pedophile activist group and described society’s disdain for pedophiles as a “witch-hunt.”

Army cadets told ‘don’t wear your uniforms in public’

Heightened terror attack fears has seen parents of youngsters in the army, air and sea cadet forces reportedly issued with letters warning there’s a serious risk of them being mistaken for regular airmen or soldiers.

A letter reads: “Based on the latest security advice, we recommend that all cadets cover up their uniform when travelling to and from cadet activity. Personnel should remain vigilant.”

Liberal Minister Wants “True Redefinition” Of Canada’s Media

In a disturbing comment, Trudeau government Heritage Minister Melanie Joly says there must be a “true redefinition” of Canada’s media.

The statement comes as the Trudeau government considers how they can “support” the establishment media – which likely means restrictive new laws and more taxpayer money being sent to the millionaire owners of elitist media institutions.

Missouri Medical School May Lose Accreditation For Being Too White

The med school has been cited twice before, in 2001 and 2008, by the national accreditation organization, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). And as STAT points out, the LCME has cited nearly half of all medical schools in the United States for lacking diversity.

“Lacking diversity” means “being too white.”

EPA And Energy Star Teamed To Ban REAL Energy Saving Technology

NASA Electrical Engineer Frank Nola invented a electronic motor control technology known as the Nola Controller in the late 1970’s which is employed in spacecraft and tens of millions of applications daily back here on planet Earth. Some consider Frank Nola a true genius for inventing the algorithm behind a devise which delivers the optimum amount of energy to electrical motors, but not the EPA.

President Trump’s Harrisburg Rally Brilliantly Triggers the Media’s Borderline Personality Psychosis

Watching several minutes of CNN’s punditry coverage of President Trump’s Harrisburg rally is exceptionally interesting from the perspective of watching what happens when full-throated liberal media ideology is confronted by a political opponent inoculated from battered politician syndrome. The media cries foul.

Teen who groped Surfers Paradise swimmers avoids jail

A teenager who groped eight women as they swam at one of Queensland’s busiest beaches has been placed on two years’ probation by a Gold Coast judge.

The Afghan-born 17-year-old, who cannot be identified because he committed the offences as a juvenile, spent two hours grabbing women, aged between 15 and 24 years, as he swam between the flags at Surfers Paradise Beach on January 16 last year.

Justin Trudeau Weakening Refugee Screening Measures for Dangerous Countries

The refugee crisis is all set to get worse in Canada as Justin Trudeau is moving to approve refugee claimants from Pakistan, Syria, India, and Eritrea without a real hearing. The move is dangerous for the Trudeau government, as it is playing with fire, and could weaken the immigration system by putting Canadians at risk to potential terrorists.


  • Brett_McS
  • vwVwwVwv
    and now add korea, vietnam, all the proxy wars in the ME, africa and s-america….
    100.000.000 isn’t enough.

    • ontario john

      Meanwhile feminist Trudeau has gone out of his way to stop the memorial to victims of communism, in Ottawa. I guess the memorial would upset his Cuban and Chinese buddies.

      • vwVwwVwv

        thanks, in germany i don’t hear about all this things.

      • Because his dad was a communist.

      • vwVwwVwv

        i am born in the USSR, you know, its not only the murdered,
        how many they robbed of freedom, property, dignity,
        how many died way to early, how many
        haven’t got medicine or
        human living conditions, how many lived in fear and died in fear….
        on cant build a monument for socialisms victims,
        even leonardo and michelangelo wouldn’t be able to do it.
        average life expectancy in the USSR was for
        male citizens 56 years. a country which has 50% of all wellth in the world.

  • ontario john

    But the important news on the Canadian media this morning, is feminist Trudeau taking part in a diverse multicultural celebration in Toronto on the weekend. He is so wonderful and cool. We are blessed that he spends most of his time traveling around the world and in Canada, so that we can worship him.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      I’m curious. Were white people barred from attending this “diverse multicultural celebration in Toronto”?

      • ontario john

        There are white people in Toronto??

        • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

          Sorry… The AM coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. I’ll go find my Dunce hat.

  • Editor

    Thanks for all your work BCF but why do you put up the same stories day after day? It’s becoming . . . What? They’re new terror arrests, new LGBT activist lies, new terror threats, new idiotic Liberal policies, new sharia creep and new Justin multikulti crap? Sorry! My bad. It just looks like the same nonsense keeps occurring on a daily basis no matter what we do.

    • Reader

      The news is going to continue to be more of the same until the inevitable outcome of decades of government overspending to buy votes ends up in a severe recession or depression.

      Then the question is, which way will politics swing?

    • I know, the enemy never quits. We’ve been thinking along the same lines, though – what would you like to see more of here? It can be difficult to find pertinent Canadian stories although we try to include a few every time. Perhaps if anyone saw a good lead they could send it to and note that it’s for Breakfast. Best to get them in by 6 or 7 pm EST. Thanks for your feedback.

      And… things can, and will, change once they get really bad. Look at Trump.

      • Also, I’d like to thank everyone (OJ!)* who posts links to other articles in CB. We hoped this would become a sort of open thread where other topics could be discussed.

        *No not that OJ.

      • Editor

        Actually, keep on doing exactly what you’re doing, grow the community, I find solace in knowing I’m not alone facepalming every morning. My post was more of a comment on how no matter what wishy washy western governments do, from accommodation and appeasement to arrests, islam and the left just keep pushing and whining. They will never be satisfied. Maybe the intended humour in the post didn’t come through clearly enough. It’s not you, it’s them.

        • I knew you were joking, but still you have a valid point. Sometimes repetition gets to be too much for all of us. I’m glad you brought it up, even in jest, because I’ve been wanting to address that for a while.

  • Waffle

    Interesting photo of PM Selfie. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that as time goes on, he looks less and less like his putative father. Or is it just my fevered imagination?

    The other day, I wondered about the height thing and wondered if the 3 brothers were similar in height. They were not. Both Sasha and Michel were considerably shorter in than their elder brother in their adult years while if you look at photos, Justina towered over PET.

    The other thing that is fascinating is that PET left Justin’s inheritance in the form of a trust fund. Is this in perpetuity? Or at some point does he have access to the capital? Did the same arrangement apply to his brothers?

    Of course, all this is idle speculation, but it does make you wonder about the whys and the wherefores, doesn’t it?

    • The Butterfly

      His father was Fidel Castro. And his mother was a whore.

      • Waffle

        I bet it was a threesome. Peeair was a real swinger (in all senses).

  • Spatchcocked

    Hundreds of fags twerking together from the White House to Trumps hotel…..
    I would have paid twenty bucks to see that…

  • mauser 98
  • kkruger71

    The clip in the article about the media being triggered: There is a guy around the three minute mark that points out something important. Even though the rest of the panel keep interrupting and trying to stop him getting the point across, he puts it very well about how Obama gets credit from the left about how much of a uniter he was and how he spoke for all Americans, but how that’s wrong and there are a lot of Americans that didn’t find him uniting, that were offended by what he said and did. He tried to talk about how condescending and insulting a large portion of Americans found him to be. This is one of the main things I find extremely irritating with the political left and the MSM. I’m glad he got that point across on CNN, and I think it’s something the political right should hammer at every chance they get whenever they manage to find themselves on these stations.

    • kkruger71

      Wonderful line from the same article.
      “Political speech they don’t agree with is considered violence; but actual political violence they do agree with is considered speech.”

  • Reader
  • Jay Harper

    Updated Stats from the Power Kills Site at University of Hawaii. Google ‘Power Kills’
    At least 138 Million murdered by USSR and PRC (China) alone.

  • El Martyachi

    If I had a heart, with cockles, this would warm them.

  • DMB

    A “true definition” of what is Canadian media will turn into all journalists will be required to have CBC certification if they want to be able to be involved in media scrums during political events and broadcasting on t.v. and radio.