The ‘green’ energy sector relies on your tax dollars

The next time some politician, bureaucrat, academic or activist tries to tell you there is a market for alternative energy (wind, solar, biomass, etc.), remember that without massive taxpayer subsidies there would be almost no wind or solar power, or electricity plants run on burning woodchips.

  • Bless his heart

    Logic and truth and wisdom are hated and censored by the left. Actually by establishment of all types. Logic and truth and wisdom interfere with their power. ( see the little joke 🙂 )
    (They are the big joke. But often the big joke is on us when they have power. Cut off their power.)

  • Jaedo Drax

    Woodchips is by far the worst when it comes to bad ideas. The greens claim it’s renewable and not bad for the environment, but burning wood produces green house gases, soot, and whatever other contaminants that are in the wood. Had they done something usefull with the wood instead, like making it into chairs or construction material, the world would be a better place.

  • WalterBannon

    green energy is a scam run by crooks and their cronies in govt

    • Uncommunist

      Most poor and or stupid people think it’s a wonderful idea -until- they realize they have to pay for it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course. We’d be burning cow shit of liberals knew where to find a working farm.

  • CoolTolerance

    Suzuki gets treated like a king and charges quite a bit for a speaking engagement.
    He gave a conference a few years ago in Montreal’s West Island area, a college located in Ste-Anne de Bellevue.
    He’s adulated by the young crowd and I hear he likes young women.