Look how Muslim terrorists live in Israeli jails

It would be interesting to see how Jews are treated in Muslim prisons, but that is highly unlikely, as Muslim countries have all but expelled or ethnically cleansed Jews from their lands.

  • vwVwwVwv

    the expulsion story is not 100% right, they did what arabs do, they started killing
    and the more lucky jews fled, the ones who heard about it fled.
    arabs have all ways the same method, nothing
    new under the sword of islam.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The expulsion has been a blessing in disguise for the Jews. They became first-class citizens of Israel and have risen to achievements in politics, culture, business and technology. Meanwhile, the lands they left behind have been wracked by war and atrocities.

      • vwVwwVwv

        Yes right, i just wanted to point out that this was not the intent of the arabs.

      • vwVwwVwv

        arabs always terrorise to steal the land and joot.

  • Will Quest

    They even have a prison bitch on all fours 5x a day ………

  • ontario john

    Will Jewish atrocities never stop! I hope staff from the United Church office in Gaza investigates.

  • ontario john

    I hear complaints started when inmates were forced to watch CBC comedy and drama shows.

    • John Boy

      They were really upset at all the apostates from Little Mosque on the Prairie, due to them not portraying sharia law.

      There wasn’t a single stoning or beheading!

  • Barrington Minge

    Why is that bloke licking the rug? Don’t look halal to me!!!

    • John Boy

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

      He is saying in arabic, “Goose Me!”

      • Barrington Minge

        Oh ….right…..erm…..OK!!

  • barryjr

    Feed them Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, Ham sandwiches for lunch and Pork Chops for dinner 365 days of the year. Limit their TV to the Shaw fireplace and give them big rocks to make into little rocks for recreation 12 hours a day.

    • WalterBannon

      feed them ricin for breakfast

  • DaninVan

    The decor is a bit, uh, Salvation Army thrift storish(?)…

  • Bless his heart

    If it is prayer time, why is only one praying?
    Is he on make up prayer. They should strike so that make up prayers all needed. yeah. A hunger strike. To the death hunger strike. That will show those abusing Israelis a thing or two. Maybe the workers in America demanding paryers 5 times a day will do the same thing. yeah. Hunger strike to the death. that will show the Great Satan.

  • rich

    i thought israel was smart.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I know. The smart way to deal with hostile Arabs is to take no prisoners.

      • John Boy

        The proper way to deal with them is to fly them back to their countries of origin, in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya and drop them off without parachutes.