Europe: What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here

“I fear we are approaching a situation resembling the tragic fate of Christianity in Northern Africa in Islam’s early days”, a Lutheran bishop, Jobst Schoene, warned a few years ago.

In ancient times, Algeria and Tunisia, entirely Christian, gave us great thinkers such as Tertullian and Augustine. Two centuries later, Christianity has disappeared, replaced by Arab-Islamic civilization.

Is Europe now meeting the same fate?

In the Middle East, “Christianity is over in Iraq” due to Islamic extremism; in Europe, Christianity is committing suicide.

  • Reader
  • tom_billesley

    Don’t waste time quizzing migrants, [UK] border staff are told: Staff are ordered to concentrate on extremists arriving from Europe

    • IRB

      Q: Are you a terrorist?
      A: No.
      Q: Welcome!

      • Watchman

        More likely:
        Q: Are you a terrorist?
        A: No. And I’ll kill anyone who says I am. And I’ll kill you too if you don’t let me in and don’t pay me the jizya after that.
        Q: Welcome!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Yeah pretty much. I’ll bring the hot dogs. We’ll grill out at the apocalypse.

  • LairdKintyre

    I still have hope. I feel it’s going to be a 300 at Thermopalae moment but we European Christians will come out on top and usher in an even more Glorious Judeo Christian era. We will triumph.