The REAL threat facing America

  • Waffle

    The real threat is assuming that they are just like us. That they want the same things for themselves and their children, that they THINK the same way. ***NEWS FLASH*** They do not!!!! To assume that they do is extremely dangerous to your health well-being.

    (BTW when you bash your head on a concrete floor, 5x a day, even if it’s covered with a directional carpet, it’s got to have some kind of deleterious effect on your grey matter. Also, think about this even though it really is too icky to contemplate: if you slice off a little girl’s clitoris, at the very least you ensure that she will never get any pleasure out of sex plus, there’s a very good chance that intercourse will be extremely painful and unpleasant, plus even worse — and possibly lethal–extremely difficult pregnancies and deliveries.)

    What kind of women are these? For starters, very angry. Who wouldn’t be? Personally, I find the body postures of the “refugee” women in the photos published in our newspapers very revealing. In every one that I’ve seen, they are alone, sitting at some distance from their husband and while he is usually grinning broadly, she looks very sad.

    • Clink9

      The airhead in Ottawa doesn’t care.

  • Barrington Minge

    Woman or trash bag? i’ll go with the bag.