Sweden Has Turned the Corner

As someone based in Sweden, and half Swedish by birth, I have always known that my countrymen are given to a desperate longing for consensus and uniformity. Many will go to enormous lengths just to fit in. I watched in dismay as this collective neurosis gave way to mass delusion. With the full support of the mainstream media, national and local government, advertisers and a volunteer army of virtue-signallers ready to lambast anyone with even a mildly differing opinion, Sweden finally ceased to be a nation and became a cult. Doubters and dissenters were pilloried, often in public. This madness reached its apogee in the autumn of 2015, as hundreds of thousands of migrants poured into the country. Most everyone I know was falling all over themselves to send money, clothes and toys to the new arrivals. One or two even started refugee shelters, a profitable business in these parts.