Palestine House: “Justin Trudeau represents our dream”, “you are our choice”

“On behalf of the Palestine House and the President of the board brother Fadlu Michael (فضلو ميخائيل), I would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations for our Palestinian people and to our brothers in the Fatah movement as it is the 52 anniversary from the start of the Palestinian revolution. In this dear occasion we remember the symbolic leader Yassir Arafat [founder of Fatah, PLO and the Palestinian Authority], and we promise to continue the struggle to achieve the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people… Brothers and sisters, Mr. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau represents our dream of a real change and achievement of social justice and rejection of racism and the preserving the value of the family and the Canadian humanitarian message. Justin Trudeau, we are with you and you are our choice. I would like to express our respect and admiration to our great MP Iqra Khalid. We fully support Motion 103 on the Islamophobia. Iqra, you are doing a great job for Canada.”