MPs’ self-approved $2,300 salary increase is ‘self-serving’ says taxpayers’ group

Every Canadian member of Parliament and senator started getting bigger paycheques just days after the Liberal government released a budget projecting years of deficits and offering no plan to eventually balance the books.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It is Liberal policy that the most deserving need to be first in line for all government handouts.

  • CodexCoder

    So trust fund boy (which he still is – a boy) got a raise for ripping off the citizenry. Can’t balance a budget, can’t speak without stuttering, already caught (despite statements to the contrary) in a scandal, and we allowed him to have a raise. That which gets rewarded gets repeated and it is only the beginning.

  • ontario john

    To be fair, those special skin treatments feminist Trudeau gets, must be expensive. And then he probably has to get new pretty beads for the homosexual parades.

  • Canadian Born

    He gets $2300 more, Wynne gets $3500 more and Canadians get screwed, only in Canada!

  • Maggat

    Come on now shiny pony you are a millionaire, you didn’t earn your money.
    Pull a Trump, and donate your salary to charity, all of you salary. Particularly since you didn’t earn a penny of it.