Halal Food Racket Surging in Canada

When the halal food market racket is surging in your country, you know your nation is in the early phases of a death spiral. Nothing good can come of it for non-Muslims and even most Muslims, particularly women and girls.  

  • Canadian Born

    What the hell do Canadians expect, when we are letting these morons in this country, by the millions? They are MPs in our government, provincial and federal, totally unbelievable. No other country allows it and yet that moron lets them in and even prays in Mosques. Surely there has to be a Trump like person, that could make Canada great again.

  • ntt1

    all we can do is approach the managers at the grocery stores selling halal and state that you refuse to support terrorism by paying for halal goods and demand alternatives. I have enjoyed new zealand lamb products for years however they have now gone halal and are making regular pay offs to the muslims. I will not support this and nobody else should as well.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      In Winnipeg we shop at Cantor’s for meat.

  • PaulW

    Bring on the Rotherham-style cultural enrichment, the carbecues, the trucks of peace, the shrill daily call to prayer, bearded men in ugly white dresses and women covered completely in black, disruptive public displays of raised posteriors and robotic groveling: Canada embraces Islam!!

  • Jaedo Drax

    It’s vitally important that any product that is produced halal be labeled as such, so that anyone who has a religious prohibition against ritually killed meat can steer clear of these products.

  • ismiselemeas

    To get a glimpse into the future one could do no better than to shop at Adonis at Eglinton and Warden. You may as well be at a market in Beirut. Dirty floors, dodgy meat, out of date produce, surly staff and sour shoppers. It was so bad I nearly accidentally tried to put garbage in a bin only to realise it was someone’s wife. Never again.