‘Europe’s dirty secret’: officials on Chios scramble to cope with rising tensions

On a clear day the channel dividing Chios from the Turkish coast does not look like a channel at all. The nooks and crevices of Turkey’s western shores, its wind turbines and summer homes could, to the naked eye, be a promontory of the Greek island itself. For the men, women and children who almost daily make the crossing in dinghies and other smuggler craft, it is a God-given proximity, the gateway to Europe that continues to lure.

Samuel Aneke crossed the sea almost a year ago on 1 June. Like those before him, and doubtless those who will follow, he saw the five-mile stretch as the last hurdle to freedom. “You could say geography brought me here,” said the Nigerian, a broad smile momentarily dousing his otherwise dour demeanour. “But it was not supposed to keep me prisoner.”

Warning… Guardian piece.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I stopped paying attention to Europeans clucking about having to wade in a shit pond they created a long time ago. As Europe increasingly enfeebles itself expect to see Turkey mimic Russia and simply invade and occupy the parts of Europe it wants and annexes it. You know, because it’s an ’emergency’ or whatever. There’s no reason anyone will stop them any more than in 1974 when they invaded and occupied half of Cyprus. The Germans and French keeping Greece afloat will be happy to see someone else lop off a piece of it and take on their financial burden. By mid century the Balkans will be Turkish or a Muslim caliphate as will large swaths of western Europe. I imagine we’ll see some kind of sci-fi event like a plague imported from North Africa or Iraq, burning its way through parts of Europe and that will be a precipitating event. When they’re on their knees the Europeans will just give up and give in.

    • Bless his heart

      Time for the European warrior to return.

      there will be much blood.

  • tom_billesley

    Why are “asylum seekers” arriving who are citizens of countries like Nigeria that are members of the UN Human Rights Council?

    • Alain

      Because Europeans are fool enough to accept them as “refugees” or “asylum seekers”. Reward bad behaviour and you get more of it.

      • Bless his heart

        Do not feed the Bears. Or other wild animals. It makes them dependent.