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Senior Lawyers Demand ‘Difficult and Unpopular’ Actions to Replace White Males in Judiciary

Asserting that Britain’s judiciary has a “diversity deficit”, law reform group Justice called for “systemic structural changes” to the selection process including “targets with teeth” so as to “deliver sufficient diversity to the bench”.

As well as describing diversity as an “intrinsic good”, the report said the “lack of female and visible [black and ethnic minority] senior judges threatens to erode the public’s confidence in the judiciary”, warning it could be perceived to be “unfair” that in the Crown Court “those tried are disproportionately non-white, yet the judges are overwhelmingly white”.

Michael Coren says Islam tolerated Christians and saved them from extinction

Michael Coren, Toronto author, print and broadcast journalist who left the Catholic Church for Anglicanism, argues that throughout history Islam tolerated Christians, and even saved them from extinction. According to Coren, the US war in Iraq led by a Christian President and supported by Christian groups is the cause for the mass exodus of Christians from Iraq and Syria.

Google’s Schmidt: “We’re Not Arguing For Censorship, We’re Arguing Just Take It Off The Page”

“My own view on most of this sort of extremist things as well as fake news in general is that it’s essentially a ranking problem. We’re very good at detecting what’s the most relevant and what’s the least relevant. It should be possible for computers to detect malicious, misleading and incorrect information and essentially have you not see it. We’re not arguing for censorship, we’re arguing just take it off the page, put it somewhere else.”

Mayor claims conservatives have engineered the animosity against Berkeley, wonders if he were white …

Ann Coulter’s speech that was supposed to have been delivered at UC Berkeley Thursday night was canceled (allegedly for safety reasons), rescheduled by the school once a “protected venue” was found, and then canceled again, but protesters are already descending on the city.

Some banks in town, remembering what happened when rioters marched through the city after forcing the cancellation of a speech on campus by Milo Yiannopoulos, prepared for the protests by boarding up ATMs.

Can’t he just self-identify as white? If gender can change day to day, why can’t race? Whoops! Forgot race doesn’t exist. Sorry.

Complete List of President Trump’s Major Accomplishments in First 100 Days

“Just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one God, saluting one American flag. I’m asking you to dream big because with your vote we are just hours away from the change you’ve been waiting for your entire life. So to every parent who dreams for their child and to every child who dreams for their future I say these words to you tonight. I am with you. I will fight for you and I will win for you. I promise.

To all Americans tonight in all of our cities and in all of our towns, I pledge to you one more time. Together we will make American wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America safe again and we will make America great again!”

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CIA ‘implanted microphones into CATS’ in a bizarre attempt to spy on Russia

Dubbed “Project Acoustic Kitty”, the grim £10 million programme was developed over five years in the 1960s as a novel but gruesome new eavesdropping method.

A cat’s tail was used as an antenna and a wire travelled all the way up its spine connecting to a microphone in its ear, while a battery was housed in its chest.

Shock Report: Migrants Become Less Integrated the Longer They Stay in Europe

Researchers at the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research uncovered “encouraging signs of labour market integration during an initial period upon migrants’ admission”.

But after a period of just five to 10 years, according to the report, “the integration process goes into reverse with widening immigrant-native employment differentials and rising rates of immigrant social insurance dependency”.

Gee ya think?

Oregon Man Fined $500 for ‘Unlawful’ Study That Found Yellow Stoplights Are Too Short

The Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying hit Mats Järlström with a fine for unlawfully engaging in the “practice of engineering” by studying the state’s traffic flow systems.

Järlström, a former mechanic in the Swedish military, was slapped with the absurd penalty because his work contravenes licensing regulations in the state, according to the Institute for Justice.

Marine Le Pen could still become France’s next president, new analysis finds

Far right leader Marine Le Pen could still win the French Presidential election, even though her opponent Emmanuel Macron appears to be well ahead in opinion polls, according to a new mathematical analysis.

French physicist Serge Galam has published a fourteen-page paper which claims the Front National Leader could still win mathematically. His theory of “differentiated abstention” hinges on variation in voter turnout.

Gee ya think?

Ontario budget includes $47 million in finding for “targeted support for Black youths”

Ontario is committed to developing a plan to more specifically address the needs and improve the outcomes of Black youth in Windsor, Ottawa and the GTHA.

As announced on March 7, 2017, an investment of $47 million over four years will increase access to supports for 10,800 Black children and youth by 2019–20.