Conrad Black: The Europeans are smug as ever, but have less and less reason to be

I have just returned from Europe, where there has been an irritating outburst of complacency over recent political events there, from quarters with no right to indulge in it. The huge sigh of pan-European relief over the first round of the French election is completely unjustified. The only candidate who looked and sounded like a president of the French Republic, François Fillon, came third, because of unproved and politically motivated allegations of improper payments to his Welsh wife. The front runner is an untried, practically unknown, glib 39-year-old who claims to be a reformed socialist, Emanuel Macron. He has never been a political candidate before and is married to his former schoolteacher, 24 years his senior.

  • Waffle

    Oh dear me!! Conrad is getting bitchy and crude in his rapidly advancing years. None of the wit and erudition that for which I once had to keep a dictionary close by. And for a disgraced “colonial” to let his classism show so baldly (“a podgy and not particularly well-spoken woman who looks and sounds like the overbearing wife of a village butcher. “)

    Really, Conrad? Ill give you the benefit of the doubt and put it down to jet lag. Those trams-Atlantic flights can be a bummer.

    • Victoriamfreed

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  • ismiselemeas

    His English is getting worse. It’s either “as smug as ever” or “smug as always”. It’s a struggle to wade through ill formed opinion when the writer can’t write.

  • Bless his heart

    Vote Fillon and France may be filleted and finished.

    I don’t want to see France go. I love hated them so.

    they are so French. French with the Louvre and all of the art trashed like Islam eventually does will be tragic. No more Monet’s. No more Van Gogh’s. So many others gone. Look at Palmyra. That is the Islam that the globalists like Fillon are bringing into France.

    I may be considered a bit excessive, but where is Alexandria’s Library?
    How much of a nations culture has survived after Islam dominates?
    History shows little survives, and there will be much destruction.

    • sk6actual

      Multiple TUs on the love hate thingy, since 1965 De Gaulle. They never got offer their Algerian guilt complex and still paying the price for that. Not to mention De Gaulle thought he won the retaking of Paris all by himself.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It doesn’t matter. Electoral politics in Europe are irrelevant. It’s a choice between the Nazis and the Muslims.