Wisconsin students blame Israel for violence against African-Americans

The student government of the University of Wisconsin-Madison unanimously passed on Wednesday a divestment resolution targeting companies operating in many countries that included an amendment specifically about Israel.

  • Alain

    So is Israel also the blame for violence (much more in fact) against white Americans by black Americans? I reject the bogus term “African-American”, since few if any of them have set foot in Africa for several generations.

    • bob e

      anything to increase the focus of attention on them .. gimme mo’ bling ..

  • bob e

    these people have been on the stupid list since they gained cognition ..

  • It’s Jew-hatred wrapped up in codswallop.

    • Marvin

      Did they forget to blame us for “Global Warming” too?

  • simus1

    Madison U is like a lefty euro sewer plunked down among the dairy herds.