STOP Mocking Antifa & Creating Fake Chapters

  • It’s parody.

  • deplorabledave

    I met a union organizer in the 1980’s who looked just like that douche. His girl friend liked andrea dworkin and he railed about people using too much shampoo.

  • Alain

    Could this be the fruit of Obama’s community organising?

  • Chatillon

    G’wan! That’s gotta be Gavin McInnes

  • ntt1

    what a weedy little shit. after viewing his /her/its exposition i am more inclined than ever to heap abuse on this self important group of communist fascists.

  • bob e

    nightmouse kickin’ ass tonite. .. i thought this was a cousin for awhile.
    cousin says .. the SW USA belongs to the beaners because we just ‘took the land’ ..
    this moron lives ten miles from bunker hill ..

  • UCSPanther

    Why are far leftists such effeminate little wimps who look like they could easy be demolished with a single punch?

    • Alain

      That seems to be a requirement.

    • mobuyus

      Ya but in his black polished jack-boots goosestepping in front of a mirror he reminds me of eichmann. I wouldn’t even have to punch this craven piece of chicken shit to demolish him/her or whatever it is.