Sajjan retracts claim he was ‘architect’ of Canada’s biggest combat operation in Afghanistan

Sajjan of Afghanistan

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has apologized to Canadian, American and Afghan troops that he served with in Afghanistan for claiming that he was the “architect” of Canada’s most famous and bloodiest combat operation of that war.

The minister made the claim in a speech last week in India. He told a gathering of security experts in New Delhi on April 18 that “on my first deployment to Kandahar in 2006, I was the architect of Operation Medusa where we removed 1,500 Taliban fighters off the battlefield … and I was proudly on the main assault.”

The description was denounced as “a bald-faced lie” by a retired Canadian officer familiar with the planning done for Operation Medusa in the late summer and fall of 2006.

  • What? A grandiose liar in the Liberal Party? NO!

    • Alain

      Finding an honest one would be impossible.

  • Liberal Progressive

    He’s no liar. He is just Liberal with the facts.

    • Frances

      …just Lieberal with the facts.” There, fixed it for you.

    • Gary

      At least Hillary had to dodge sniper fire when landing in Bosnia.

      Oh wait…. that was a LIE along with her being named after Sir Hillary that got to the top of Mount Everest in 1954 while she was born in 1947.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When can you Canadians expect this pathological liar’s resignation?

    • Never, he just upped his street cred with the Liberal Party.

      • Just like Monsef and Khalid.

        But once they’ve brought in the votes, they’ll disappear into the background. The Liberals are a wealthy white man’s party with the brown people hauling in voters blocks until they become a nuisance or embarrass themselves.

        (SEE: Monsef, Maryam. SOON: Sajjan, Harjit)

    • Alain

      Are you kidding? Lying and Liberal go together like horse and carriage. Oh, and I won’t get into corruption and theft.

  • Jaedo Drax

    The minister should step down, as he likely just lost the respect of most of those on the pointy stick side that serve him.

    • simus1

      Jockeys should be seen doing it, not heard saying it.
      “General Mover” would have been a much more logical choice.
      But cabinet choices are very strange business sometimes.

  • FactsWillOut

    “jj” = “t”.

  • ismiselemeas

    David Atkin pointed out that he’s been at this for a while. What I’m interested in is who he was trying to impress this time around. It’s a very un Canadian thing to do IMHO. Between allegations of Khali sympathies and this latest round of lies his allegiances are being called into question.

  • barryjr

    Reporters regularly lie about their past so why shouldn’t politicians?

  • J. C.

    SOB wasn’t even born in Canada… F*ck him!

  • David Murrell

    As of Saturday morning (April 29) the Globe and Mail has completely censored the story on its Web page. And CBC News has positioned the story far down on its badly organized main page.

  • Gary

    No big shock for Justin’s Diversity picks because his muslim MP Maryam Monsef has a fraudulent Citizenship where she LIED about being born in Afghanistan and escaped by donkey and camel to get to canada.
    She’s a jew-hating homophobe from Iran and has yet to denounce the murdering of gays in Iran or Afghanistan . Justin’s other Muslim MP’s are on record clapping for him when he said he would NOT rescue the little girls being raped by their Muslim brothers in ISIS.

    Liberals can spew their lies about islam being a religion of Peace but the words and action BY muslims can’t hide the true face of islam.

    Harper knew the threats from islamism and wanted to have a Canadian-Values test for new comers …..but the CBC painted Harper as a Racist islamophobic xenophobe during the 2015 election which helped get Liberal in power.
    But Liberalism is a mental-disorder and we are seeing how the Liberals in the USA are so married to their Dogma that they will let the Nation be torched to the ground and taken over by Communists , islamofascists and illegals just out of spite just because Hillary should have won if those ignorant peon working class were banned from voting .

    Justin is the male version of Hillary and a White version of Obama where John McCallum let it slip during an interview where Liberals were going to bring in 100,000 muslims refugee over 4 years in their 1st term.
    We now see they just added 10,000 muslims refugees to this years numbers and Justin has no plan to stop the muslims pouring across the border illegally which will get worse now that the good weather is making it safer.
    It’s just a matter of time before islamists will used a fabricated oppression and islamophobia to start their Jihad slaughters in Toronto and other major Cities. The leaders will keep saying that islam is a religion of peace and that the self-identifying Muslim terrorists isn’t a true muslim and had hijacked islam.

    The Old Canada from the 1970’s is DEAD…… we are a Global Hotel where people can come here for FREE Heath Care and Welfare and not be legally allowed in the Country. Toronto is heading towards a $6,000,000,000.00 debt where John Tory expects Wynne to bail him out while Wynne expects Trudeau to bail Ontario out.
    All 2 levels of Public sector Unions live in a false reality to think that they can get paid more for less work and retire younger with a Gold-Plated Indexed- pension .