Portland rose parade canceled after ‘anti-fascist’ email threatens local Republican group

For years, the 82nd Avenue of the Roses parade has kicked off Portland’s annual Rose Festival and marked beginning of the Oregon city’s parade season.

But after a threatening email was sent to parade organizers – singling out members of the Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) who were planning to take part – officials have decided to cancel the family-friendly procession in an effort to avoid any clashes between protesters and marchers.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Antifa is why Americans can’t have nice things.

    • rocketride

      Actually, in this case, Portland is why Portland can’t have nice things. They figuratively just lie back and spread their legs. Don’t even let their police shoot at them, never mind letting the people the scrunts are attacking have the means to defend themselves. We haven’t seen much of ‘antifa’ outside the big democrook-run cities. I wonder why. {clickety-click-clack*} ‘Antifa’ are like any other bullies– inside the tough-looking exterior, they’re [poultry excrement] to the core. They start catching bullets and hard-labor prison sentences. . . jus’ sayin’.

      * The sound of a shell being chambered from the magazine in pretty much any pump-action shotgun.

  • Martin B

    A terrible decision. Caving in to threats from these turds only encourages them.

    • rocketride

      It’s obvious that the Portland city gov’t., like Berkeley’s is sympathetic to them. (Note on Berkeley’s website there is (or was) a link for protesters to make arrangements for ‘symbolic arrests’ to be made to enhance their ‘street cred’.)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This is a scam.
    The city and parade organizers are in league AntiFa.
    Try threatening the left’s pet parade floats and watch them call out the national guard.

  • lgeubank

    So if the “powers that be” permit mob rule, and don’t fight mob rule, we will have total mob rule by the lefty BrownShirts. Our government on various levels is abdicating its role.