Liberals hiding their deficit

If you believe Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s claim that through her sound fiscal management she has balanced the province’s books and can now spend more on public services, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown rightly called Wynne’s budget a “Hail Mary pass” Thursday, cooked up by a Liberal government desperately trying to clean up the financial mess it’s made of the province’s books for the past 14 years, in time for next year’s election.

Brown said despite Wynne’s claim of a balanced budget – the first since 2008 – the Liberals are actually hiding a $5 billion operating deficit.

  • ontario john

    EVERYTHING IS FREE IN ONTARIO!! Including abortion pills. Yes, the Star was right, this budget shows that Wynne is embracing the far left and wants Ontario to be a socialist paradise. Now all she has to do is declare Ontario as an islamic caliphate to lock up the muslim vote.

    • I know people who have to wait three months of MRIs.

      But if one needs abortion pills or false breasts, hey! Free and fast!

      • Exile1981

        The no questions asked about abortion pills will see all sorts of abuse. Taxi drivers will get them to force on their underage sex slaves.

  • They’re not hiding the deficit — the Nanny State has simply run out of money and is not telling the kids.

  • David Murrell

    The problem is is that the entire corporate media cartel is excitedly praising Wynne’s bribery budget. As I type this, I am watching BNN News lob softball questions at Finance Minister Sousa. The corrupt CBC News is singing the praises of the bribery budget. Here is the paid-and-bought-for Globe editorial waxing enthusiastic about the budget:

    The establishment fix is in.

    • Waffle

      David, no so-called journalist with the next 30-or-so years ahead of them wants to upset the apple cart or curry disfavour with the ruling elites when the prize at the end of the rainbow for almost all of them is a cash-for-life government job in Communications replete with its stunning array of perks, benefits that the ordinary working stiff can only dream of and of course, a gold-plated pension. Who wouldn’t be willing to sell their miserable soul and flush their ethics down the toilet when the legacy media they work for now is crumbling and dying in the face of declining readership and relentless technological change?

      • ontario john

        Or like the retired publisher of the Toronto Star who got a cushy diplomatic post in Chicago, for his support of the Liberal Party.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Step one: Project an extra $8 billion in revenue this year
    Step two: Provincial debt increases by $10 billion this year, 11 Billion next year, and 11 billions the year after.
    Step three: Assert that the budget is balanced, despite the increase in debt.


  • CodexCoder

    I wrote emails to both Ashley Csanady and Chris Selley for falsely declaring in either headline or text that the Ontario government had balanced the books. As yet, I have received no response. An organization with a net debt position is in the red, not black and has not balanced the books. So far, only the Toronto Sun has taken the Liberal government to task for their false budget declarations.

  • JoKeR