CNN Host: Ann Coulter’s ‘Hate Speech’ Threatened Student Safety

Bell said that he is a proud resident of the “People’s Republic of Berkeley, California” and stated a riot that occurred there had disrupted a farmers’ market he frequents. He then went on to say that Berkeley was right to shut down right-wing speakers.

  • tom_billesley

    “People’s Republic of Berkeley”? Build a wall.

    • vwVwwVwv

      why not do it like normal people, conquer and everything you can’t sell,
      fu*k or drink, burn to the ground, greeks, romans, vikings… did it
      and it worked quite well for them. Ok ask them
      to surrender first but if they
      refuse… LOL

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Don’t forget the payment of tribute. Oh and slaves, gotta get slaves.

        • vwVwwVwv


  • vwVwwVwv

    I literally canceled the MSM’s from my TV because they put such
    Freak in the middle of my Living Room. I would
    shoot him thru the door if he
    wanted to say this
    in my house.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I didn’t listen to mister “Lets censor people I don’t like” Because fuck him. Fuck him with a flaming spear.

  • People’s Republic of Berkeley, California?

    Right off the bat, super-crazy.

  • DMB

    That is the face and the look of a man who didn’t take his crazy pills!

  • Gary

    He’s okay with Black Nationalists that want to make the USA into another African $hit hole to have the highest rapes per capita on Earth.