Report: Girl’s genital mutilation injury worse than sadistic Muslim doctor claims

Jumana Nagarwala likes to sexually mutilate young girls for Allah the death cult God.

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala has maintained she never engaged in any genital cutting.

But according to documents obtained by the Free Press, the injuries sustained by two Minnesota girls who prosecutors say had their genitals mutilated by Nagarwala at a Livonia clinic are much more severe than what the doctor has claimed.

The details emerged as Nagarwala and two others were indicted Wednesday on genital mutilation charges in U.S. District Court, where the trio are accused of targeting young girls for years to carry out what prosecutors have described as a barbaric and illegal ritual. In this case, prosecutors say, when Nagarwala and her cohorts were discovered, they lied, deleted evidence and tried to hush others in their religious community to keep their crime a secret.

  • simus1

    The tip of the genitalmutilationberg.
    Charging Indian muslim cultists with lying seems a bit unfair …..
    Like charging coal miners with coal mining.

  • Frances

    Always wondered about this “removed a membrane for the parents to burn (or bury – can’t remember details” bit. Don’t know of any spare membranes in that part of the female anatomy.

  • Martin B

    Evil lying hag.

    • Crystalcsutter

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  • Morticiaa

    This psychopath should have her nipples and clitoris removed and sewn on her
    Forehead then hailed for life. 10 years for every mutilation she carried out

  • Morticiaa

    Jailed for life

  • Gary

    Make note of that happy peaceful face with that nice smile because this is the muslim that Wynne and John Tory promote as being your neighbour you must embrace and reject racism and islamophobia to judge them .

    The Fort Hood muslim terrorist was a happy face peaceful muslim that got promote up to a major because islam is a religion of peace and he endured racism and bigotry to have people judge him as a jihsists even before he slaughtered 13 fellow soldier as a favour to allah.

  • ismiselemeas

    No mention of the parents yet transporting minors across a state line for illegal purposes, there’s a RICO case if wire fraud was committed, there are so many ways these cunts are going down.

  • Brett_McS

    Most surgeons have a sadistic streak – it would be hard to cut into living flesh day in and day out without it – but some have more of it than others. Numerous cases in the news and from word of mouth suggest that Pakistani doctors (and dentists) are at the high end of that tendency. I avoid them.