Obama’s nuke deal with Iran was a fraud

The Islamic Republic of Iran is reportedly building a nuclear weapon — capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people — and we have only ourselves to blame for trusting and appeasing the fascists in Tehran.

For decades, we’ve known that Iran’s ruling mullahs are determined to enslave their own population and destroy Western powers.

This week, we have two new pieces of evidence of why we shouldn’t trust the Islamic Republic of Iran or its sympathizers in the West.

  • deplorabledave

    Sounds like time for another MOAB or three.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Or a few dozen.

  • Millie_Woods

    Obama is the fraud. And I consider the lunatics in Tehran to be a more serious threat than the kook in Pyongyang.

  • I could have told one that in 2008.

  • Watchman

    Well, Obama’s team were just using the same negotiating tactics the Clinton Presidency used to negotiate a nuclear weapons ban with a similar tough negotiating country: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a.k.a. North Korea. We have seen how effective that agreement has turned out in keeping South Korea, Japan, the USA and the rest of the world safe from the threat of an insane rogue state with nuclear weapons.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect that the crown jewels of Obama’s secrets are than he knew Iran was already a quasi nuclear state in 2012 and he reached a quiet detente with them to cover it up as long as he was president. Do that, and he’d give them whatever they liked. And by quasi-nuclear I mean that Iran was in possession of a ‘gadget’ or nuclear test device that was tested with some degree of success in partnership with North Korea. It was not a deployable weapon but it tested out their end to end capability to make a functioning device. The rest is engineering sufficient to make a smaller weapon that’s sturdy enough to survive a ride on a missile and be fired off at the right time in the right way. When Iran takes the technology they already have, shrinks it down to about a 1,000 lb size while ensuring that it’s tough enough to ride a rocket w/o falling apart, the rest of the problem is known engineering already developed and deployed by Iran for conventional weapons.

    I would bet that when it eventually comes out that Obama negotiated to give Iran the money and the breathing space to build nukes and he covered it up to win an election that his media will no longer be able to cover for him.