Liberals planning to rubber-stamp potentially dangerous asylum seekers

The Trudeau government is planning to quietly introduce new measures to rubber-stamp the approval of many asylum seekers — including people from dangerous and war-torn countries who may pose a threat to Canada’s national security.

To deal with the unprecedented spike in landed asylum claims from aspiring refugees to Canada, Trudeau government officials are working on a plan to accelerate refugee applications by bypassing some of the important screening and vetting measures currently used by Canadian officials.

How is this different from his Cabinet?

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  • Gary

    Maryam Monsef got her Citizenship via FRAUD and is now an MP. The GTA is so Diverse that we now have a cluster of special interest group that rage from 2% of the population to 15% that are now ruling canada by-proxy because of the Liberal Party that exploits the large number of Federal and Provincial Seats for the MP’s and MPP’s

    Census Canada shows that the Nation is still About 90% religious (of that 85% Christian) and 80+% White .
    Yet Toronto is about to become a majority Non-white non-Canada background City which already has a problem where the Leaders cater to the 300,000+ muslims while leaders also harbour 300,000 + illegals which is treason for John Tory and Joe Mihevic to give them Welfare and FREE Heath Care on top of Housing.

    There’s no point to having Citizenship and a SIN card to pay Taxes at a regular job.
    Just go underground with fake ID and wok for cash and never deal with the CRA again because Paying taxes is for Suckers.

  • moraywatson

    And it will be islamophobic to disagree.

  • ontario john

    We don’t screen here in Sunny Ways Canada, just walk across the border and get free stuff. The Somali and illegal immigrant muslims in feminist Trudeau’s cabinet will look after you.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      Don’t forget the Mexican gangs. Trudope is welcoming them with open arms.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Heaven help us all from this lunatic who is running Canada.

    • ontario john

      But he has such nice skin from those treatments he gets. He will be a real hit at this summer’s homosexual parades.

      • The Deplorable Rosenmops

        He will probably vote-whore in assless pants.

        • mobuyus

          He does own pink fuzzy chaps and a pink fuzzy cowboy hat.

  • WalterBannon

    A treasonous level of malfeasance by the incompetent Trudeau liberals

  • andycanuck

    Somehow I doubt it is being done to speed up entry by (proven) Syrian Christians.

    • Liberal Progressive

      If they aren’t white or Christian (or Jewish) and promise to vote Liberal they must be good!

  • mobuyus

    In the future to avoid all claims of islamophobia the liberal government will only hire muslims to vet their fellow muslims.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Governments need to formally write policies of employment equity to ensure Muslim refugees and immigrants get the first chance at all government job openings to make sure there is no Islamophobia in government policy and in handing out government benefits!

      • Observer

        That certainly seems to be the policy of the Liberal Party of Canada when it comes to their candidates.

  • And who is going to hold this piece of sh– to account? Which one of our fine ankle-grabbing MPs will fight him in the House of Commons over this? Who in Trudeau’s riding will threaten never to vote for him again?

  • Watchman

    The USA has been leading Canada in having more dead and injured victims of jihadist attacks. Justin is not prepared to accept either a lower rate of jihadist attacks per head of Canadians, but he’s probably not going to stop until Canada has more deaths in absolute numbers too. “We’re number 1, we’re number 1, gooooo Canada!”

  • canminuteman

    Good. People will have to start dying in droves before we have a government that does anything about it. My guess if that we will never have a government that does anything about it and we will eventually fall apart into sectarian violence. The US is one shooting at a university riot away from civil war. Give it a few more years and we will be in the same place.

  • Oracle9

    Degrading Canadian citizenship to the value of less than zero to any and all comers, no criminal screening required, will entrench Trudeau with his newly-expanded voter base.

    And the average Canadian is too thick to even notice.