How Long the Palestinian Subsidies for Terror?

Judging by the over 12,000 shares (as of this writing) for an article posted by Britain’s Daily Mail on Sunday, many Britons are up in arms. They have good reason to be.

Tamimi, says the Daily Mail, stands to get a salary of more than £800 (or more than $1000) a month from the Palestinian Authority. What’s irking people is that Britain is currently paying the PA £25,000,000 annually in foreign aid.

Justin has us paying the same Jizya.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Is it Protection money ?

    Arabs are not Palestinian.

    • John Boy

      No but so-called “Palestinians” are Arabs and Assyrians.

      • vwVwwVwv

        you can currently see how modern-arabs protect minorities and defeated nations.
        may be some of the christians and yazidis have Assyrian ancestry
        but the Arabs (muhamedamns) are Arabs .
        and the arabs of once have
        been not modern,
        much more

        it is like you would still hunt the aborigines in australia, kill the man, force the
        woman in slavery and murder them if you dislike them.

        islam has always problems with population cuz they fought each other
        and each drought or disease rooted their population out,
        so they brought in slaves, whom the
        sacrificed much easier.

        Paleostinkians are ARABS and Assur long time dead and forgotten.

  • Linda1000 We pay our idiot selfie PM a salary of $345,000 Cdn. per year because supposedly he’s a GQ cover. Why doesn’t he donate his own salary for aid. Trump gets a salary of $400,000 U.S. per year for a country ten times bigger than Canada and I think he has already donated a portion of his salary to U.S. causes (veterns?).