Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch would pull gas tax cash if Toronto remains Sanctuary City

A Kellie Leitch government won’t pump federal gas tax dollars into Toronto transit and roads as long as the city remains a haven for illegal refugees and immigrants.

“If I’m Prime Minister of this country and you have a Sanctuary City, it’s at your own peril,” Leitch told a Toronto Sun editorial board Wednesday.

  • Maxsteele

    Pretty much every single other CPC candidate trashed her last night for her ethical stance on illegals in our country. None of them have a single ounce of the courage this intelligent, strong, woman has.

    • We do not have a conservative party, our cities are run by communists and assholes like that Marshmallow John Tory.

    • Alain

      They did the same with her policy of ensuring that any future immigrant pass a Canadian values test.

    • Clausewitz

      And this is why I’m beginning to like this candidate. Seems to be the only one who’ll actually look out for the best interests of Canadians.

  • You go, girl!

  • Linda1000

    Leitch seems to be the only Conservative politician in the country willing to address some of the issues with immigrants, illegals, etc. and I think she should go hard ball on our broken immigration system. I haven’t heard a thing about or from Maxine Bernier and after treasonous Justine who in their right mind would be willing to trust a politician from Quebec. All of the past PMs from Quebec have been less than ideal. Quebec and Ontario have no right to destroy this country.

    • Indeed.

      There are various tiers of citizens, refugees and residents.

      This is fair how?

  • Tokenn

    Being right about one big thing isn’t enough, unfortunately…and her stance on marijuana is a loser. I’ll put her down after Bernier…and I hope she sticks with the CPC and keeps beating the drums for immigration controls. The logic will become obvious to _everybody_ sooner or later. Preferably MUCH sooner.

  • Shebel

    Maybe, Kellie is the loyal Sacrificial Goat— but not really–
    She is just testing the water.

  • Bataviawillem

    If I were here I would tone down on the Canadian values babbel, it makes her sound like Trudeau, although she means the opposite.
    Concentrate on the rest she mentioned in the interview economy, gov. out out touch, reverenda and the likes.
    Pick up on m-103 were average Canadians were over 70% was against.
    Talk about that, no babbel about values, asswipes do that.
    If want to touch on that, talk about our rich and proud western tradition, heritage and culture, it’s ballsy but you sound like a real conservative with Canadian “values” and not like a turdo.