BREAKING NEWS: Police lock down area around Berlin hospital after shots are fired

A large area has been cordoned off around the medical centre in the German capital’s neighbourhood of Kreuzberg.

Perp shot – no motive as usual…

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  • Looks like a busy day for Jihad, this one is well in hand, perp was wounded after opening fire, no motive so far…

  • The Butterfly

    Is this a case of more diversity to celebrate?

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with Islam. That kind of talk is not allowed in Canada.

  • Editor

    An incendiary device in a McDonalds in France, a guy with a backpack full of knives in London and a shooting in Berlin. All on the same day. A lot of unknown motive mental illness in Eurabia today.

    • mobuyus

      Unspecified people with unspecified motives commiting unspecified crimes for an unspecified cause from an unspecified death cult. Maybe just maybe something to do with… nah couldn’t be.

  • Gary

    Slaughtering sick people and children in Hospitals give it that Muhammad-Touch , so you KNOW it’s the real islam no matter what Obama or Justin says.

  • mauser 98


    Chancellor Angela Merkel attacked her political opponents as soft on crime and took a harder line on refugees

  • Watchman

    C’mon Germany – you need to lift your game to Swedish levels, who have managed to routinely have grenade attacks on each other.

    Secondly, the German police snipers need to improve their aim or improve their policies: Centre Of Mass or Head Shots instead of what would appear to be a deliberate wounding shot to the thigh.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Big woop. Shoot shoot bang bang another day in Islamland.