Three women face jail over giant plastic vagina protest

Three women, who carried a giant plastic vagina through the streets of Seville as part of a feminist protest mimicking the Easter processions, face jail after the action was deemed a “religious hate crime”.

The women who staged the protest on May 1st, 2014, are facing charges of “crimes against religious sentiment” for parading “a plastic vagina a couple of metres high in the style of the Virgin Mary,” according to court papers.

In the May Day protest, organisors appealed for support for the protest on social media and took to the streets wearing hoods as the carried the vagina on a plinth, reminiscent of the penitents that solemnly parade the religious statues through the streets at Easter.

  • ontario john

    Feminists and other socialists always pick targets where they don’t think they will not place themselves in danger. They are so brave. Why don’t they fly to Saudi Arabia and try something like that.

    • As if.

    • Watchman

      I’m sure one or two have tried it, but none seemed ever to have returned to tell the tale of how well their protests worked.

  • mobuyus

    Are the twerps in pink hoods in the picture supposed to be genital warts?

    • bob e

      mebbe ..

  • bob e

    ha ha .. giant plastic vagina. sounds like my first wife ..