The Papal Propagandist for Islam Heads to Egypt

Past popes combated the errors of Muhammad. Francis praises them.

As the prototypical progressive Jesuit, Pope Francis prides himself on his “ecumenism.” He oozes enthusiasm for every religion except his own. At the top of his list of favorite religions is the Church’s fiercest adversary — Islam.

He often sounds more like a spokesman for CAIR than a Catholic pope. After jihadists cut off the head of a French priest in July 2016 — yelling “Allahu Akbar” over the priest’s slit throat — Pope Francis rushed to the defense of Islam. “I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence, because every day, when I read the newspaper, I see violence,” he said, before ludicrously blaming the rise of terrorism on the “idolatry” of free-market economics: “As long as the god of money is at the center of the global economy and not the human person, man and woman, this is the first terrorism.”

  • Ed

    I believe the technical term is “fucking idiot.”

    • Sid Falco

      “marxist cocksucker” is my preferred appellation

  • LairdKintyre

    I’m a committed practising Roman Catholic. And Francis is not my Pope.

    • He’s not anyone’s Pope.

      • Clink9

        Maybe just Obama’s.

        • mobuyus

          And imam trudeau.

        • Carolynrpittman

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    • FivePointSpurgeon

      Well, actually, he is. And your submission to his leadership is required under Romans 13.

  • simus1

    Poor Pope Evita,

    “strengthen relations with the 1,000-year-old azhar center”.
    al azhar is the closest thing islam has to something that is sort of an hq, but it is also a place normally forbidden to infidels in general (exceptions are made for short stay pro muslim christian quisling churchmen-scholars on occasion) and any and all Copts in particular.

    I don’t find a simplistic jackass like Evita that bothersome, but the filth that elected him, ah, that is a different story.

  • BillyHW

    He gave a TED talk.

  • bob e

    hope he brings his copy of the koran ..

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is how he will explain Catholicism to the Egyptians.

  • Frances

    He prefers Muslims to Protestants.