Me and Michel Trudeau: The story of two drug busts

“My father had a couple of connections,” said Justin Trudeau.

“No s—!” cried the peasants.

These would be the same peasants, by the way, with no connections whatsoever, whose father was not a former prime minister still worshipped by the progressives and the elites, who wouldn’t know a good lawyer from an ambulance chaser (and could not afford either), and who have no strings to pull in either law enforcement or the judiciary because they are just another sad face in a teeming court system overflowing with sad faces.

  • ontario john

    Yes, but he is going to let everyone smoke pot, and he uses fancy skin treatments. What more do voters need?? He is so young and cool!!!

  • David Murrell

    This is a true story about how, way back in 1973, how a Trudeau PMO lawyer got some Carleton students, and me, off for breaking the law. We students (I was attending U of Ottawa) got roaring drunk at a bar in th Bytown area of Ottawa. And stepping out into the dead of night, we walked past a long row of Mexican flags along a parade route on Sussex drive, where Pierre Trudeau and the quasi-dictatorial Mexican president would be passing by.

    The other students, as a lark, started climbing up poles to steal the flags. I joined in, since as a conservative, didn’t like Trudeau, especially Trudeau cozy in up to leftist dictators like the Revolutionary Party president. Needless to say, we got caught (a long story in itself). Now, there were two big shot Liberal lawyers from Trudeau’s PMO who used to come to the Bytown area to groove with the students and artists, who thought that was a cool thing to do. I got to know them, and I contacted one of the two, one Don Mitchell, who, through strings, got us off the hook with charges dropped.

    I didn’t like the Trudeau Liberals, but I appreciated this little bit of PMO meddling.

  • Jaedo Drax

    So like Bryant, he got spared the difficulty of a trial, and everything got buried. No surprise there.

  • vwVwwVwv

    HAHaaaaaa Killed me, great picture

  • Maggat

    Michel Turdeau, hmmm, he doesn’t look like3 his father either.

  • JoKeR

    Thank goodness Justin taught Michel how to ski and how to avoid avalanches!

  • Trudeau didn’t just admit this because he is phenomenally stupid. He did it for the same reason he answered an English question in French: he is an arrogant @$$hole who has ever been held to account.

    It’s time to change that.