Liberals make things easier for immigrant marriage fraudsters

Liberals repeal Conservative immigrant residency requirement targeting marriage fraud

‘The Liberal government is repealing a measure brought in by the Conservatives that required newcomers to live with their sponsoring spouse for two years or face deportation.

The conditional permanent residency status policy, which kicked in October 2012, was designed to clamp down on marriage fraud. But immigrant advocates immigration fraudsters said it had the effect of trapping some people in violent, abusive relationships.

Immigration is a violent abusive relationship with Canada the victim.

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  • marty_p

    So now Mohammed can sponsor his same sex partner Mahmoud and not even live in the same dwelling. Combine this with Ontario’s new Guaranteed Minimum Income and it’s a win win.
    This is Seinfeld’s Bizzaro World in real life.

    • We are overrun by idiots.

      • Liberal Progressive

        But at least they will all vote Liberal!

  • Anything for a voters block.

  • PaxCan

    It should be noted the Conservative anti-marriage fraud legislation was influenced by the stories of immigrants (mostly from India, i.e. the Punjab) who felt they were duped into fraudulent marriages for their citizenship.

    Now the Libs are reversing that legislation.

    They really don’t know what they’re doing and are way in over their heads. All they’re doing is reversing everything the Cons. did in power, even if what they did was totally rational, and calling it governing. This is truly the most amateurish, immature government this country has ever had in it’s history.