Kelly McParland: Desperate Wynne deploys her top bureaucrats to take on housing

I’ve been studying Ontario’s new Fair Housing Plan for several days now in an effort to discern the logic of the 16-point program that aims to bring housing costs under control. The idea itself seems both attractive yet fanciful: I’m not sure any government anywhere has ever been able to “control” prices or make housing “fair.” Cities that have existed centuries longer than Toronto haven’t found the magic formula (or, if they have, they haven’t shared it with Canada’s largest cities). London has existed since before the Roman conquest, and just try to find an affordable home for yourself there — you’d be lucky to bag a room in a multi-bedroom flat, sharing with strangers at exorbitant cost.

  • Jaedo Drax

    The only solution for Liberals is to exert more control, and to extract more taxes, rather than look at what is causing the problem in the first place.

    I’m sure there is a good number of former industrial lands that could be cleaned up and turned into mixed type housing.

    I’m also sure there are a number of locations where the government of ontario doesn’t need offices in toronto, that could be sold off for development.

    I also expect that soon all rental contracts will no longer include taxes or utilities.

  • simus1

    It is an impossibility because “control” would decrease private demand and that would cause homeowners and bankers to panic over falling prices and tight credit. When Boob Rae and the Clampetts’ ran things they stuck up a few affordable housing showplaces at exorbitant cost and then had to plead poverty to all the left out losers who somehow thought socialism had the instant answer for all problems.

  • Waffle

    One day, in the far distant future, perhaps from another planet, someone will write the tragic history of Ontariariario.

    It had been a marvelous and magical place, once the heartland of a place called Canada.

    It had been blessed with an inordinate bounty of riches; vast timberlands, rich farmlands, little niches of land with the right soil and climate to grow delicious wines that won international awards, and an incredible abundance of mineral wealth — gold, silver, platinum, copper, rare earths, diamonds. . . I can’t even name the all. The list is endless. And water. Lots and lots of water, for electricity, for recreation, for transportation, for drinking.

    G-d had blessed Ontariariario. But its citizens grew fat and lazy. They stopped paying attention to who was running the show. It had been a peaceable kingdom with none of the kind of problems that seemed to plague other people. There had been no wars, there had been few social problems. There had been good schools and good hospitals. Life was good. So people fell asleep.

    That was when the vultures took over. Within a short time, only a few years, actually, the vultures had raped the natural bounty and enslaved the original population which they replaced with predatory outsiders, who, they had calculated, would keep them in charge forever.

    For awhile, things worked according to their plan but one day, the imports rebelled. It was in their nature. They had been bred to think they were superior beings and thus, should be in charge.

    The end was so terrible, my fingers tremble as I try to describe it. I cannot. But some day, somewhere, someone will. . .maybe (sob)

    • john700

      Hey, it’s Mike Harris’ fault!

    • El Martyachi

      At least it has a happy ending.