Facebook suspends account of noted author and journalist Tarek Fatah

Tarek Fatah said on Tuesday (April 25) that Facebook had suspended his account. Fatah, who is often in the eye of controversies because of his outspoken and divisive statements on Islam, has been criticised and harassed several times.

  • Martin B

    I’m guessing here that the jihadis who sent him death threats every day get to keep their Facebook accounts.

    • David Murrell

      Yes, since the jihadis support war crimes. Mr. Fatah stronly opposes such crimes.

    • Likely so.

  • David Murrell

    First they came for Terek Fatah. Then they will come for the rest of us. This is serious stuff, since any oppressive political correctness by Facebook could hurt conservatives. How does one fight Facebook?

    • By ignoring it.

      • simus1

        By ridiculing those pathetic dweebs who are addicted to it as a way to avoid reality..

    • Inspector Clouseau

      There is going to be a civil war in the USA. The democrats are working over-time to make it happen. Remember, it is the left that will cause and start the up-coming civil war. I for one, cannot wait to see it …. because our side has the wherewithal to fight the socialist hordes who apparently have a pathological fear of firearms and tend to hole up in ‘gun free zones’ .. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2cdcc0ea521cb68ca78c7d36bcf1e0820b0faab29c0df5f3976333d74c8090b.png

  • bargogx1

    Like it’s any mystery why he was suspended. Chilling, but not surprising.

    • Watchman

      “Islamophobia”? For speaking out on his Facebook about traditional muslim practices?

  • ontario john

    There are two groups that you increasingly can’t say anything negative about in Western society. Islam and the Chinese.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Don’t worry, actual death threats against people are OK according to facebook, as long as they are against the right people.

  • Zed White

    If they ban you that means that your word is working and they are afraid of the truth.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Zuckerturd is a sharia enabler. It so fashionable. With any luck his kids convert to Islam, which he will cheer, and then become terrorists, which he will blame on someone else. Let’s not forget that fb was built on the foundation of cyberstalking and cyberbullying by a sociopath who wanted to punish people. That’s why fb exists.

    • Yep, and they’ve never addressed the stalking issue, and the resulting youth suicides — they do nothing to protect under-aged users from material that they are not emotionally mature enough to handle. I think the solution is just to shut down Facebook. They’ve become like a monopoly anyway — too big for their britches.

      Shut ‘er down Mr. Zuckerberg — you’ve already made your billions. Shut ‘er down and go home and find something constructive to do with the rest of your life.

  • Shrutika Shinde

    Islamization of Facebook and twitter

  • BillyHW

    Zuck is a cuck.

  • Inspector Clouseau
    • Well, I would never be that mean. But it does irritate me that these people have an obsession for stealing everybody’s kitchen tablecloths.

      • Justin St.Denis

        If you ever see one of those keffiyeh thingies used as a tablecloth, I suggest not eating anything that is served to you. Unless you actually crave things like “fresh-fucked goat loins”….

  • simus1

    Proudly wear your banning Tarek, for it means the evildoers are afraid of both you and your truth.

  • k1962

    He should revert back to Hinduism, the religion of his grandfather before he converted.

    • Alain

      At least he should leave and denounce Islam.

      • k1962

        Yes, that is the least he should do.