Legal Aid Ontario Plays The Blame Whitey Card In The Latest Bigotry Of Low Expectations Victimhood Sweepstakes

Consider impact of systemic racism before sentencing black offenders, Canadian judges urged

Canadian judges are being urged to take systemic racism into account before sentencing black criminals, similar to the special consideration often given to aboriginals who break the law.

Defence lawyers behind the push say asking judges to consider how historic discrimination and marginalization may have influenced their clients’ behaviour is not meant to be a “get-out-of-jail-free” card; it simply gives judges a fuller picture of their clients before their fates are decided.

Representatives for Legal Aid Ontario say they plan to start nudging Ontario judges to use so-called “cultural assessments” in the near future and will set aside some money for test cases.

How about a Bob Marley Aboriginal Healing Circle Tee Pee where the “victims” of their own criminal activity can pass around some of Justin’s weed?

h/t MP