Garland terror victim to FBI: Did you sit on your hands while I got shot?

A man shot in the leg during a 2015 terrorist attack is pushing the FBI to explain why one of its agents was at the scene and did nothing, and if the agent was filming the incident for the terrorists as part of his undercover work of trying to infiltrate the group.

Bruce Joiner was working security for the controversial “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas, when two radical Islamic extremists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, pulled up to the parking lot checkpoint where he was stationed. The two opened fire at the checkpoint

  • mobuyus

    obama was the backseat driver in that car.

  • Gary

    Omar Khadr was saved from his injuries during a terrorism act and is now trying to sue canada because Chretien didn’t bail him out of GITMO when Harper had rescues him once in power in 2006.

    Khadr should sue Jean Chretien because HE sent out troops to Afghanistan after 19 muslims slaughter slaughtered 24 canadians on 9/11 .
    What’s interesting about the CBC is that they believed every word by Omar until he said he saw Maher Arar at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan….THEN Omar became a liar because it didn’t fit the CBC propaganda about Arar being a victim of the USA .

  • Editor

    I know in drug stings they let the deal go down so a crime is committed and prosecution is easier but is that such a good idea when they’re investigating a terrorist attack?

    • I think not.

      • Editor

        Pretty sure Mr Joiner would agree with you on that.

  • mauser 98

    told to stand down

    Navy Yard

    • Editor

      Berkeley, a number of times.

      • Markon

        Calgary, during the March for Peace a couple of years ago.

        Caledonia too.