Terrorist accused of killing a British student will be paid £800 a month by the Palestinian government which receives £25m-a-year UK foreign aid

A terrorist accused of murdering a British student in Jerusalem will be paid a salary of more than £800 a month by the Palestinian government – which receives more than £25 million a year from the UK in foreign aid.

Canada gave the Palestinian authority 30 Million in 2014-15, and Justin was quick to restore 25 Million in jizya to UNRWA. Anything for that Muslim vote eh Justin?

  • BillyHW

    It’s almost like they’re bad people or something.

    • Brits pay “Palestinians” to kill Brits.

      The reality of leftist government.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Israel should start killing terrorists again, starting with the Arab Abbas.
    Arab not palestinian.

  • We’re all learning Arabic fast these days. Jizya, dhimmi, jihad, hijra, aloha snackbar, mujahedin, shahadah, etc. We’re getting trained already for the coming Islamic Caliphate.

  • disqusW6sf

    So the west funds terrorists against their own people. What western country doesn’t do this. 0.

  • vwVwwVwv

    the british government put’s with other words a bounty for any murder arabs
    commit on jews and tourists in israel. So the Terrorist is in whitehall and the
    Arab killer is just a bountyhunter?

  • irishrus

    Like his dead father Trudeau’s ego is much bigger than just Canadian adulation from liberals and who better to appease on the world stage than the largest religion and with Canadian bucks.

  • CodexCoder

    The only reason that the Soviet Union survived as long as it did was that the US kept propping it up with foreign aid. And the world is committing the same error with the Palestinian authority. Stop sending aid, and Abbas and his crew will soon stop because their own people will deal with them.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You got that right!

  • Bless his heart

    Islam is Islam

    – a common saying among Muslims.

  • Bless his heart

    And people says it is persecuted.