MP Iqra Khalid attended Land Day event organized by Palestine House of Jew Hate

They rewarded Islamist 5th Columnist MP Iqra Khalid with a “thanks and appreciation” plaque

Iqra Khalid Islamist 5th Columnist receives a plaque from like minded Muslims at the Palestine House of Jew Hate

This blog and Pallie House go way backway back.

Palestine House has a long history of anti-semitism. That Iqra Khalid would attend should not be a surprise, the hatred expressed is not restricted to Palestine House but represents the widely held and sincere beliefs of the Muslim community.

The Liberal Party cultivates the Islamist vote, this is Justin Trudeau’s Islam, his vision for Canada.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Future Mayor of Islamissauga Mississauga, or ambitions to run for leader of the Muslim Liberal Party of Canada in the future?

    • Whatever she wants in Mississaugistan

    • Starlord

      Probably mayor, leader… she seems as smart as a bag of hammers, similar to monsef.. Only there because they fit the minority profile.

  • Martin B

    Once she gets her way, any criticism of Dr Nazi’s Palestine House will be a criminal act.

  • Millie_Woods

    Is she segregated from the men or is that just me being racist?

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      What isn’t racist any longer? If one prefers vanilla instead of chocolate ice cream, why that might even be racist according to the leftist snowflakes attending universities nowadays!

    • Christian Christian

      If that’s your issue I guess you’re protesting synagogues and certain churches as well.

      • Millie_Woods

        I wasn’t ‘protesting’. I’m a racist.

  • I thought they were supposed to close down Pallie House.

    What’s happened in Canada under Trudeau must be of concern to the FBI/CIA — even under the previous Obama administration. Although equally apologists for the JIhad, it seems to me that at least the Obama people in Government had the good sense not to hang around radical Mosques and Islamic centres. I guess Justin figures that as long as he provides terrorists with a “safe-house” in Canada (the same way Canada provided it for Communists in the Cold War), then they they won’t attack us and will focus on the U.S. instead. If you read intelligence history, Canada was the jumping off point for MANY Soviet agents slated for infiltration into the U.S. (not to mention Cuban agents whom we treated like Royalty).

    Is Justin trying to pull the same stunt with the Global Jihad? Pretty perverse, imo.

    • They defunded Pally House for being an anti-semitic shithole.

      I bet Justin has re-funded it.

      • I hope your hard work wasn’t in vain — I remember how hard you people worked to that justifiable end.

  • Gary

    Khalid wants to make canada just like the $hit hole she crawled out from . She supports murdering gays and child-bride pedophilia to as does her false prophet.

    Pakistani’s still have the nerve to cry racism in Canada as their brothers back home slaughter Christians and Ahmadi’s . The Toronto-18 pakistani background muslim terrorists were born here and yet still wanted to slaughter us by the thousands via truck bombs.

    My guess is that Justin and Wynne will legalize pedophilia to get the muslim votes.
    Liberals would give their daughters to rapists if it meant votes.

    • Reader

      They would certainly hand over the daughters and sons of all their supporters to signal how virtuous they are.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      That racism crap is bullshit; they are caucasian like the rest of us who are white or from India.The Good Lord let them toast a little longer in the oven.

  • Christian Christian

    The Knights of Columbus has members that are in the Mafia. That doesn’t mean the KOC is the Mafia.