Israeli-American man, 18, is charged with threatening Jewish centers, schools and flights across the US with a ‘bloodbath’

An Israel-American teen has been charged with 31 counts after allegedly threatening Jewish centers, schools and commercial flights across the US, hiding his voice with voice-modulating software.

Michael Ron David Kadar, 18, was arrested in Israel in March. A dual US citizen, he is being charged in Georgia and Florida, according to NBC News.

In one February 2017 call, Kadar promised that ‘in a short time, a large number of “Jew children” were going to have their heads blown off from the shrapnel,’ an FBI report alleged.

Kadar is Jewish, an official told ABC 7.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Oy vay. I’d like to write this off as “mental illness” and yet I have a nagging suspicion I cannot to do.

    The reason is that a majority of Jews in the USA (and elsewhere, sadly, but not to the same degree I think) are secularists and leftists and progressives, etc., and a chap like this deranged individual embodies this kind of belief system and then takes it up several notches in a campaign of terror.

    Just a working theory, but I think I’m onto something. Might it be a sort of latter day “Noam Chomsky Syndrome”? *sigh*

    • Waffle

      You have stated the dilemma perfectly. In this highly-charged atmosphere, it is all too easy to classify this as mental illness but to do so ignores the real problems and perhaps their correctives.

    • A mixture of mental illness (a sociopath, i.e. one cut off from society, devoid of morality) and plain old greed, I’d say.

  • vwVwwVwv

    the US wanted him but the israelis refuse because the punishment in israel will be harder and in the US a good psycolieist will safe him from jail.

    • Psycho-liar-ists exist in Israel too. Also, liar lawyers.

  • Dana Garcia

    Dual citizenship is BS. Most people don’t have a spare country — I sure don’t.

  • J. C.

    Threatening his own people, eh… Is he related to Trudeau, by any chance??

  • Truly sick guy. Should be put away for many many years.