Inside the Stasi STD Clinics for ‘Troubled’ Women

HALLE, Germany—“Leave it alone,” she was warned, “you will only harm yourself.” Sixteen-year-old Elke Bauer, as we’ll call her, wasn’t supposed to ask too many questions: not about her sexual assault, not about her mysterious injections, not about the vaginal probing that amounted to torture, not about her virtual imprisonment.

  • UCSPanther

    Yet another case of medicine being abused as a cover for torture and punishment. Joseph Mengele would have loved those GDR STD centers, because he was known to be a depraved pervert in life, and unethical and cruel medical experiments were right up his alley.

    In combloc nations, you could get away with rape as long as you were sufficiently high up and victims were low enough in the social hierarchy. Lavrentiy Beria was very familiar with that concept, although karma caught up with him in the form of Khrushchev having him shot.

    It is interesting the mention of the GDR medical system being hired by German pharmaceutical companies as cheap testing facilities. IKEA got into trouble a few years when it came out that they were making deals with the Stasi back in the ’70s and ’80s to provide furniture using political prisoner labor….

    • I too thought of Mengele immediately. I also remembered that many years ago I heard a Russian defector say that the worst problem with socialized medicine is that when the government is in charge of your physical health, that it is a very short step from there to it being the judge of your mental and social health as well. Here is yet another chilling caution against Obamacare and what was intended as the long-term transition to “single-payer”. Thank God Clinton is not our president!

      • Watchman

        If you want to know how Obamacare was intended to end up, look at the perfect example of what the VA Veterans Health Administration is right now. Google ‘VA scandal’ for how Obamacare would eventually turn into with single payer government organised health care.

      • UCSPanther

        These GDR “clinics” also reminded me of the Soviet mental asylums, and the practice of declaring political dissidents insane and sending them to those places to be locked up and tortured.

        The Soviets found two advantages to the practice: It was a good mask for their repression and related human rights abuses, and it had the added benefit of discrediting the dissidents by tricking the west into thinking they were crazy. It was not until a defector who had been tortured with Soviet quack psychiatry was able to escape and give first hand testimony that the whole hideous practice was revealed for what it was.

        When any leftists claim that those who disagree with them are crazy, I just tell that it is very Soviet of them to question someone’s sanity because they have a differing opinion.

  • Scratch a leftist/communist, find a rapist every time.

    Call it “women’s healthcare”.

  • deplorabledave

    and their leader was one of the warders.