Donald Trump: ‘If They Don’t Treat Fairly, I Am Terminating NAFTA

President Donald Trump again leveled criticism about NAFTA in an interview with the Associated Press, promising to either renegotiate the trade deal or terminate it.

“I am going to either renegotiate it or I am going to terminate it,” he said. “If they don’t treat fairly, I am terminating NAFTA.”

  • Ho Hum

    Trump said that the NAFTA trade deal with Canada was a “disaster”. Does he not know that the US enjoy’s a $10 Billion SURPLUS in its goods and service trade with Canada? How is that a “disaster”?

    Trump said Canada’s treatment of US dairy farmers was a “disgrace”. Does he not know that the US exports 5 times as much dairy products to Canada than it imports?

    It looks like the left was right about Trump after-all. He is a lying con-man with a very shallow knowledge of the world.

    • Waffle

      Get real. This is a negotiating tactic. Of course his statements are outrageous. But what he is really saying is, “Now that I have your attention, let’s talk”.

    • Canada has itself to blame for these problems. Protectionism isn’t always in a country’s best interests. As one columnist put it, boards are cartels.

    • Watchman

      I don’t remember Trump on the campaign trail pushing the USA slogan, “Making Canada Great Again” to “Keeping Canada Just As Great”.

      • Brett_McS

        “Put the Can back into Canada”?

        • Alain

          Good one.

        • Watchman

          Trudeau: “Putting the ‘Duh’ back into Canada”

  • Spatchcocked

    Dear Donald….cause as much havoc as you can please. Put the screws to that disgrace of a PM and his cohort of incompetents con men and thieves. Make our economy writhe in pain which will force el stupido snowboarder to burst into tears.

    So put up or shut up Justine. Welcome to a less than socialist reality.

    • J. C.

      Exactly. Anything that can distract that limp-wristed prick in Ottawa from importing more of his pet Muzzies and simultaneously exposes him as utterly incompetent to the handful of Canadians that still don’t realize it, is a good thing, IMO.

  • Spatchcocked

    Make that lisping fairy bust up the Quebec cartels…..
    Hoo Ha !!!

  • Spatchcocked

    17 Billion dollars transfer payments…….Ten Billion of which go to Quebec…which is par for the course. Protectionism for Quebec in all dairy products….

    Enough enough enough of this bullshit….

  • andycanuck

    Shouldn’t the Left be rejoicing at the tearing-up of NAFTA? After all, who wants to trade with Hitler?

    • Alain

      I recall how they were all against it before being for it. I suspect that had Obama acted in the same way as Trump on NAFA, they would find it peachy.

  • Linda1000
  • bob e

    Bully Mr Trump .. !!

  • jt

    He is going to bankrupt the states.