We should treat a history of campus SJW as the social equivalent of a criminal record.

From Alex Southwell (pseudonym of a prof at a top-ranking U) at Quillette,

In the fall of 2005, I began working as a full-time faculty member in the General Studies program at Hudson University. I was promoted to full Professor last year. Thus, the tale I tell does not represent sour grapes.

No, it represents something more like immunity from prosecution. The quest for “diversity” has landed standards in the septic tank because nothing is more diverse than quality under siege by ulterior motives. For example,

In a more recent election for writing curricular chair, my competitor accused me in his mission statement of writing books and publishing essays. He treated these as blemishes or sins that somehow disqualified me for the position. “I haven’t written any textbooks. I don’t like textbooks. I don’t have a Ph.D. or scores of academic, scholarly publications to my name,” he wrote. These comments were made as part of a diatribe that diminished the importance of academic credentials and accomplishments, representing the Ph.D. and scholarly publications as pedantic, fuddy-duddy detriments rather than qualifications. As things go in my program, he won the election.

Among the writing faculty, most of whom hold M.F.A. degrees, a disdain for scholarship, and in particular for Ph.Ds. in English, is palpable. This attitude is likely owing to the fact that many of the faculty with M.F.As. are frustrated with having to teach first-year writing and other lower-level writing courses, apparently believing that they are soon-to-be-discovered literary authors who deserve sinecures within elite M.F.A. programs. More.

Reality check: The prof is too kind. The M.F.As of who he writes sound like over-promoted mediocrities whose true source of frustration is tnis: They cannot yet force everyone to listen to their intellectual Garbage Day pickup 24/7, while real talent hides, in fear of anti-free speech laws.

Anyway, “Southwell” should be glad he can even talk about the problem without ending up in the hospital like some. Meanwhile, cowardly colleagues snicker and hide, adminicrats fuss, alumni pay genteel shakedown, and campus brownshirts boast.

And campuses become indistinguishable from prison yards. And to study the faces of so many SJWs, that’s a natural setting. And why fight it? As for the tax expense, we have to pay for prison yards too, right?

But for our own safety we must sideline the grads of U programs from any social power. We should treat involvement in campus SJW as the unofficial equivalent of a criminal record.

The intellectual life will eventually need to be re-established apart from the university.

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