The Muslim Who Died Saving Christians

When a 25-year-old, known just as Riyanto, entered the Eben Haezer Church of Pentecostal Assembly in East Java on Christmas Eve of 2000, he did not know that his life was about to end. He had been aware, however, of the risk he was taking by being there altogether, particularly on Christmas Eve. As a member of the Banser — the youth wing of Indonesia’s largest Muslim cultural organization, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) — he had already made the choice to sacrifice personal safety to protect Christians from falling prey to radical Islamists.

  • CoolTolerance

    Very nice story. The few brave ones must be honored and never forgotten.

  • LairdKintyre

    I can imagine your typical Leftist coming upon this article and saying, “”what? I thought you guys hated Muslims? “” I could never understand how Leftists can never get the difference between Islam and Muslims.

    • bargogx1

      It’s kind of deliberate on their part, don’t you think?

  • Gary

    My guess is that about 60% of the muslims in canada are acting peaceful as ordered in the quran until they have the numbers to slaughter us and take over the government.

    Because John Tory loves to claim that the 300,000+ muslims in Toronto are peaceful
    and reject violence , but when there was a anti-ISIS rally there were less than 25 muslims that came out.
    Edmonton had less than 100 and yet when there is a jew-hating pro-hamas rally the CBC reports the crowds as high as 3000 muslims. The quran allows muslims to LIE… why should I not believe it and listen to a muslim that says that than verse doesn’t exits when it’s right their in the Quran .

    The quebec Mosque shooting still stinks fir the narrative by the CBC and Justin because the first reports were that the Muslims in the Mosque told the Police that 2 persons clad in black with hoods on to yell in Arabic as the fired their AK-47’s to spray the area.
    Just 10 hours later the CBC changed it to a white male Christian that was a Trump supporter. But how the hell did the people know he was white or even notice the shooter have a Quebec accent while speaking Arabic .
    The CBC and STAR have dropped the story just like the Imam’s did while Muslims now talk about the arrested man as Guilty when the trial hasn’t even started. Justin talks about how a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian…… but why didn’t he and the CBC speak out at the wake when the Muslims refused to have a Canada flag on the caskets ??

    They seem to be only Canadian when caught in jihad terrorism plots outside of Canada and want us to bail them out.
    Maher Arar and now Omar Khadr wanted to sue us …..let this treasonous weasel rot in a prison or just kill them in battle , we can’t afford dual citizen islamists that want our Passports to globe trot and expect us to keep rescuing them .
    In 2006 , we rescued 14,000 Muslims from Lebanon that said they were on vacation and had our passport. But hundreds that landed in Montreal made refugees claims while just 5 months later after the hezbollah war on isreal was over…. our Embassy in Lebanon reported the 9000+ returned for their “vacation” .
    It cost us $85,000,000.00 plus the 100 refugees on welfare because Dan Mc Teague attacked Harper for not rescuing the fake canadians until we finally got them back in Canada.
    I’m officially sick of islam and the huge number of followers that lie and suffer from sloth to come here for our welfare while they plot to kill us one day.

  • DD_Austin

    The Nahdlatul Ulama is a politcial party as well as a muslim sect, Notice he’s wearing their He’s wearing the uniform like a good liitle muslim goosestepper he is

    The tourism sector ranked as the 4th largest among goods and services export sectors in Indonesia.

    Of course having the locals blowing up tourists and christians has been absolutely screwing the industry.

    Most muslim countries depend on western charity and tourists, they all have guards
    protecting tourists, problem is their incompetent, thence the annual bloodbaths

    This guy wasn’t protecting Christians he was protecting payday
    and he got his pinkslip handed to him by his brother muslims

    What a surprise, What a hero, not