Supply management is unfair to Canadian consumers

“…Because of our highly regulated, government-enforced dairy market, put in place by Pierre Trudeau in 1971, Canadian families pay about 40% more for milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and other items from the dairy case than they would in a freer market.

And please, spare me the nationalistic hogspit that our closed-door policy is needed to protect Canada’s little-guy dairy producers from Big Milk. The truth is our antiquated, Trudeau-socialist, dairy policies are mostly just protecting a shrinking number of ever larger and larger Canadian producers, mostly in Quebec and Ontario.

When Daddy Trudeau brought in our closed-border rules (rules that come from the same mindset that gave Canada the National Energy Policy and the Foreign Investment Review Agency), there were over 100,000 dairy farmers in the country. Today, there are just over 11,000. And they produce more litres of milk per year than all the farmers did when there were 10 times as many.”