People Magazine promoting Dan Rather comeback

From Tim Graham at Newsbusters:

People magazine is no stranger to being used to rehabilitate liberals — even when it sounds hopeless. (Case in point: repeated boosts of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Weiner). In the May 1 People they try to rehabilitate disgraced CBS anchorman Dan Rather, now hailed by liberals as an anti-Trump crusader. Online, the headline oozed: “Inside Dan Rather’s Unexpected Comeback 11 Years After CBS Exit: ‘I Was Aching to Do Something’.”

Lanford Beard, the magazine’s deputy TV editor, emptied an entire jar of marshmallow Fluff in text form…

PS: Beard was born in the 1980s, so maybe she doesn’t know she’s fact-mangling when she sloppily repeated the Rather legend on the day JFK was assassinated: “He was famously the first to report that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.” Not only was he not the first reporter — print or broadcast — he wasn’t the first to report the news on CBS. More.

Reality check: The more Rather can get away with, the more People can get away with. That’s why the folk there help him.

See also: Dan Rather to teach a course on truth in news It makes perfect sense if we keep in mind that the progressive view of truth is unrelated to evidence or accuracy. It is about narrative and spin.