Germany’s Populist AfD Party Elects New Right Wing Leaders

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s nationalist party Alternative for Germany has elected two new top candidates for the September general election, after the party’s best-known politician, Frauke Petry, said last week she wouldn’t be available.

  • john700

    Yeah, an old guy and a lesbian will take them to the promised land.

  • Gary

    In the last few months I have started to use the leftists tactic where they smear people with negative labels.
    I use Alt-left or leftist racists and fascists as well as referring to the Black activists as Black nationalist supremacists .
    Let’s see how they like where a media person like Desmond Cole has to prove he’s NOT a Black nationalist supremacy racist , plus these non-white radio hosts that find a racists behind every tree .
    As for mosques , they are now Homophobic jew-hating Imams that support child-bride pedophilia unless they denounce the quranic hatred for gays and jews. Muslims are not doing in canada what they do in every nation they invade to play the victim and deny the muslim terrorist are linked to islam.

    Germany , France and the UK now prove that the increase in muslims increases the jihad attacks and demands for sharia or mosque in public school.
    Tucker Carlson had a debate with a Liberal that wants Sanctuary Work Places where employers wont report illegals workers even when it already a crime to Hire illegals with no status in the USA or SSN to pay taxes .
    This moron tried to claim that it makes Cities safer and point out that the majority of criminals in the USA are Citizens born in the USA and NOT illegals. Gee, the majority of prisoner in a muslim nation like saudi arabia are saudi muslims .

    I don’t think these drug addicted Hillary supporters understand that she LOST the election 5 months ago .

    • Makes sense, it’s why I almost always say Muslims instead of militants or Islamists or terrorists.

      • Gary

        I rarely use the upper-case letters from the Printing course lessons
        (1971) for Type-setting and Journalism when dealing with a proper Noun or noun specific to the story when it comes to islam.
        To report islam ,muslim , mosque , quran, imam and muhammad with a upper-case character in my comments would go against my stance that it is NOT a valid faith and with an actual prophet that created he holy book .

        It’s find for an islamic website or the STAR to give islam and muhammad the status of a valid religion…. they fear having the HQ’s bombed and employees beheaded for NOT exalting muhammad which would set-off a peaceful muslim to suffer SJS ( sudden jihad syndrome ) where a peaceful person slaughters strangers and has a desires to praise God in Arabic .
        But , I know far too much about islam and the alleged prophet, that never made even 1 prophecy , to buy their snake-Oil that is promoted as the cure-all for all the World’s ills and what ails ever person on Earth.
        The trick is that I don’t start a sentence with any word link to islam that would force to use the upper-case ” i ” as “I” to infer a proper noun or title that I don’t agree to.

        If the SCOC and the HRC’s make it he Law for Bruce Jenner to self-identify as a women that we must accept on their word……you have every Right to accept that a jihadist killing people while citing the quran and muhammad for allah can be called a muslim since they self-identify as one which the SCOC with uphold in a Legal case for Bruce Jenner as a women pre-sex operation .

        Hey… it’s the Law Justin… to the SCOC if you don’t want muslims to be called muslims when they self-identify as muslims

  • Brenda

    For anyone who’s interested: the Hot Docs film festival will be showing a documentary on the AfD called ‘Meuthen’s Party.’ Here is the description:

    “Ultra nationalist right-wing parties are on the rise in Germany again. As a polite economics professor campaigns as an Alternative for Germany candidate in the state parliamentary election, frontline access exposes the startling reach of his seemingly rational rhetoric.”

    So it’s negative, then.

    Here are the dates and locations:
    Sat, Apr.29 3:30 PM Hot Docs Cinema (506 Bloor Street West)
    Sun, Apr.30 10:00 AM TBLB (350 King Street West)

    • Thanks Brenda. Hot Docs is also showing a Jihad doc out of Norway which the creators got flack over.