Did you know that there is Wrongthink science fiction?

From Bad Novelist:

The Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway is about showcasing authors who have been marginalized by the gatekeepers of the sci-fi publishing industry for the sin of not complying with progressive social justice dogma. From Sarah Hoyt, who was accused of racism and ”internalized misogyny” for her association with the Sad Puppies campaign to reform the Hugo Awards, to Nick Cole, who lost a publishing contract for daring to write a story about an artificially intelligent computer who is troubled by abortion, these authors have faced smear campaigns, boycotts and blacklisting for failing to toe the progressive line. More.

Reality check: Bad novelist! Bad! You deserve plenty of readers.

Politically correct novels are an environmentally unfriendly form of litterbox liner.

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Progressives go after art eventually too