BREAKING NEWS: Shock waves through France as far-right Marine Le Pen makes it into the second round of nation’s presidential elections

  • Marine Le Pen made it into the second round of nation’s presidential elections, according to exit polls 
  • She stormed into the final ballot in second place to face centrist independent Emmanuel Macron
  • A polling station in Eastern France was forced to close as bomb squad was deployed to deal with a vehicle 
  • The worrying incident comes after a deadly ISIS gun attack on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Thursday 

  • Dana Garcia

    Outstanding! France isn’t willing to accept suicide via immigration.

    • Clink9

      They’re getting Trumped.

    • Bataviawillem

      Unfortunately the demographics are irreversible unless they start kicking out the muslims, and that I can’t see happening.

  • CoolTolerance

    This MAKES MY DAY.
    I’m following results on Le Monde. As of one minute ago, no results declared.

  • To pass the first round is regarded as a huge win for Front National.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I thought that they made it to the second round that last couple of times?

      • PaulW

        Yes. Macron as President (the most likely scenario) is a nightmare. Fillion would have been better and even the left wing guy wanted out of the EU. Macron is quoted as saying “France voted for change”: they won’t get it with globalist, Islam/mass immigration-loving, EU supporter Macron.

      • Jean-Marie (Papa) made it into the second round 4 times. This was Marine’s second race, and she exceeded her father’s numbers both times – this time by a lot. I think that’s why they’re making such a big deal out of it, she has support levels that didn’t exist before.

  • Is the lead’s “worrying incident” the suspicious vehicle or the Le Pen win?

  • Brenda

    This is weird: if you google ‘Emmanuel Macron’ you get Marine LePen with 24.3% and Macron at 21.4%. If you google ‘Marine LePen’ you get Macron at 23% and LePen at 22%. In both cases the source is a polling agency called Kantar Sofres which seems to be sponsored by the French Ministry of the Interior.

  • Morticiaa

    Viva la le pen
    And brexit
    I hate the maggot Trudeau and his destructive policies
    Did you know you can not find his fathers thesis at any university anymore
    It was basically a communist mNifesto and has disappeared off the shelves
    Of academia

  • Bless his heart

    France, now decide to keep on being France. We all hate and love you for being France. We don’t want France to change any of what is France, even the arrogance we so loved and hated. . Stay you, France. Vive La France.

  • ntt1

    it will be very interesting if/when she wins, history shows us time and again, not withstanding third wave feminazis,That women leaders can be every bit as determined and unflinching as any male leader particularly obamas embarassing turn

  • Linda1000

    Le Pen deserves to win her righteous kickass victory. Great day for France! She is not “far right” just common sense patriotic right.

  • Oracle9

    Just as Canada voted for its own walking disaster, so will the French in the form of Macron. My condolences.

    • I hope not, but that does seem the most likely scenario.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Maybe the French will fool us. Maybe they are smarter than we are.

      • And you never know what the Muslims will do in the next 2 weeks.

  • Fabulous!

  • canminuteman

    Can someone here look at these numbers and give a prognostication on what the final will look like?

    • Have a look at the electoral map, that is an indication

      • xavier

        Dillon has called on his supporters to vote for Macron

    • Minicapt

      The winner will get more than 50% of the votes.


    • k2

      Most of her support is supposed to be in rural areas, and smaller cities; I wonder how she did in the bigger cities this time around and if she can snag enough votes from Paris, Marseilles, etc. to beat Macron in Round 2. Let’s hope ….

      • Linda1000

        That’s what I was wondering since the other candidates Fillon, etc. will likely throw their support behind Macron.
        Macron is a real Hollande puppet “pinko” choice, a lot left, a little bit pretend right and comes from the Rothschild banking group. Looks like Paris is in purple or is that little dark blue spot Fillon and undecided grey?

        • k2

          I can’t tell from looking at the map. Anyway, I pray she can beat Macron as he is perhaps the worst of all of the candidates – perhaps she can. It ain’t over ’till it’s over, as they say.

    • The cities weren’t counted in the votes when I posted this, they are done last. Marine’s percentage may drop since she doesn’t have the support there that she does in the rural areas.

  • Gary

    Today on a US radio show there was a reporter for the Liberal media that accused Russia of hacking the election in France and kept pushing the narrative that they helped Trump win.

    These leftists are nuts and won’t let go of the fact that Hillary lost 5 month ago .

    • Alain

      The Ruskies are coming, OMG yet again…… They are becoming almost like the Jews in that there is nothing they are not responsible for.

  • ontario john

    The Western media is already saying Macron will be the next president. He is so young, cool, and wonderful. Gee, where have I heard that before.

  • Shuali

    Pheww! That was a bit of a white knuckler!
    Now for the second round.
    All it will take is a terror attack or two…..and people will decide whether they want to live with this crap or fight it. I for one hope the French will fight it.

    • I hope she can come through.

      • xavier

        I suspect that even if she loses she’s the eminence grise of France. Everyone will either turn their heads to hear what she says imitates some of her platform promises and kiss her ring before any decision is taken

  • Solo712

    Don’t want to be a Cassandra here but Marine’s chances to be the next president are close to nil. I have listened to the concession speeches today by the also-rans and they are all throwing their support behind Macron, which of course was to be expected. But it wasn’t just that that: the hostility to Marine Le Pen was unbelievably intense with the Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon calling her “l’ennemi de la France”. Fillon warned that her accession to the presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for the country. A discussion among the party reps at Le Figaro was a free-for-all with Front Nationale painted nothing short of fascist menace by the two left wing parties. With both the establishment Left and Right united against Marine, and the maverick centrist without a party, Macron polling more than she did in the first round there, is really nothing that she can draw on but her own core support which is – if you follow the trends, down substantially from the national following of about 32% she had before the regionals in December 2015. Sorry, but get ready to be disappointed.

  • Barrington Minge

    If Marine gets in, the EU is doomed. France will leave and the remnants will collapse. Bring it on!!