Ahmadi Muslims ‘facing discrimination’ in Cardiff

Members of a Muslim sect in Cardiff claim they are facing discrimination from other Muslims in the city.

Worshippers at the Ahmadiyya mosque in Canton said other Muslims had shunned them, with one claiming he was sacked from a restaurant and another that he was accosted for selling Islamic books.

Ahmadis have been declared non-Muslim in Pakistan because they do not believe Mohammed was the final prophet.

The Muslim Council of Wales (MCW) said it “abhorred” any type of persecution.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission confirmed it had “received correspondence” about the matter.

No need to worry about this sort of thing in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Islam is way different.

h/t TROP

  • Gary

    I have a gut feeling that the Pakistani muslm MP behind the Liberals quasi Sharia-blasphemy M-103 will be used to oppress the Ahmadi’s in Canada .
    There are 3 well known Moderate secular Muslim in Canada that have been deemed islamophobes by CAIR which the CBC agreed with by their silence to reject Sheema Khan from CAIR acting like the authority for who is a true muslim.

    The attached photo is from a pro-hamas rally by a CAIR member and buddy of Sheema Khan where you can see a Hezbollah flag among these Peaceful muslims.
    Then there is the Video showing how CAIR attacked Terek Fatah as an islamophobe while you can see how CAIR refused to denounce the armed-jihad doctrine .

    Note how the 02:50 mark is where taqiyyah starts and CAIR sends the BS meter Needle to 12 as he sees how he’s losing the debate and being exposed for the Muslim Brotherhood ties and CAIR’s Crusades for Sharia in Canada and the USA.
    Take the time to see the CAIR-CAN Video archives that don’t start until around 2012 . All of the Videos from TVO CBC Global and CTV that had Sheema Khan in the Sharia law debates , to allow it canada , were left out . Also, once CAIR was exposed by the FBI in 2009 for funding hamas they had Sheema Khan jump ship while their name was changed to National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) to look Loyal by adding ‘Canadian’ as a ruse to re-brand from the islamic Supremacy org funded bythe Saudi’s to spread Whahabism .
    There is a pattern if you know the history of CAIR where each time they get caught supporting terrorism or the Jihad to make Canada and islamic State …..they change the narrative . Note how the 4 Honour-killings to the Shafia women in Ottawa has morphed into “domestic violence” to blame ALL males in Canada for Sharia crimes while “islamophobia” is the new Sword to kill those opposing Sahria and the Jiahd for a Caliphate in Canada ruled by Quran and NOT Canada’s laws.


    ** here’s the CAIR channel on Youtube **