Academic Intolerance Is Having Chilling Effects Even Beyond the Campus

Student thuggery against non-leftist viewpoints is in the news again. Agitators at Claremont McKenna College, Middlebury College, and the University of California’s Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses have used threats, brute force and sometimes criminal violence over the past two months in efforts to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos, Charles Murray, Ann Coulter and me from speaking. As commencement season approaches, expect “traumatized” students to try to disinvite any remotely conservative speaker, an effort already under way at Notre Dame with regard to Vice President Mike Pence.

This soft totalitarianism is routinely misdiagnosed as primarily a psychological disorder. Young “snowflakes,” the thinking goes, have been overprotected by helicopter parents, and now are unprepared for the trivial conflicts of ordinary life.

  • Alain

    I must disagree with it being called “soft totalitarianism”, because it is violent fascist totalitarianism. It is the equivalent of Mao’s cultural revolution or Hitler’s brown shirts. They must be fought tooth and nail if we care about freedom.

    • Candicejkriner

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      • Heltau

        How the Hell is this connected with the topic from above?
        You need to cut this out. It is a waste of time and electricity.

    • Clausewitz

      There is no such thing as “soft” totalitarianism. It either is, or isn’t, there are no shades of grey.

  • Maggat

    Well there BCF I must say that you certainly have all the Batshit Crazies well covered. Try as I might I can’t find a single one missed.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    They have been indoctrinated since grade school by theirsocialist teachers. Until they get slapped in the face by reality, they will believe the lie. Some will be to stupid or lazy to change