Young Americans for Freedom speaker announcement sparks petition to cancel Robert Spencer event

UB’s Young Americans for Freedom club (YAF) announced on Monday that it will host an event, “Exposing Radical Islam: The dangers of jihad in today’s world” on May 1 featuring guest speaker, Robert Spencer.

Spencer is a self-proclaimed expert on radical Islam and runs a blog called “Jihad Watch.” He is the author of 16 books including The New York Time’s bestsellers, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.

Just one day after the event was announced, students and faculty started a petition asking Student Association (SA) president Matt Rivera and other SA members to “rescind their explicit sponsorship” for the event by removing the SA logo from all flyers and advertisements and to abide by their anti-discrimination policy when approving club events.

  • tom_billesley

    Oxford University Equality and Diversity Unit:
    If you avoid eye contact, it’s not because you’re bashful, it’s a reportable incident of racial micro-aggression that can harm mental health.

  • Malcolm Y

    Robert Spencer is my (really should be “the”) main sane non mo cultist authority on the koran and mo cultism.

    I remember an interviewer asked him – I’m paraphrasing, so I can be corrected “What sect of islam is the most insane & dangerous” He replied “It’s generally the sect with the largest population in that area.”

  • Spencer, Ann Coulter et al should appear on rooftops a la U2 and give their speeches for free.

    Put it up on Youtube.

    Then, a month from the initial ear-searing, book an event at a university or club and give a new speech.

  • simus1

    It is interesting how the left keeps their up and coming apprentice thug fascists out of the public limelight or at least at a discrete distance from their patrons. Never hurts to be cautious, one of them might be in the running for pope someday.