Ukip pledges to ban the burka and outlaw Sharia law as party’s election manifesto aims at core supporters

Ukip will promise on Monday to ban the burka from being worn in public as it shelves a rebrand that was planned before the election.

The party’s first election manifesto pledges will be based on its an “integration agenda” aimed at its core supporters.

Sharia law – the religious rules that form part of Islamic tradition – will be outlawed in the UK under the party’s proposals.

  • Brett_McS

    That’s smart. More people are moving in that direction so a party that stands firm on these issues will attract a lot of support. If they go chasing after the ‘centre’ their support will evaporate.

    • Especially given they no longer have Farage as leader.

    • V10_Rob

      Standing firm on anything, particularly in the face of the professional outrage industry, has political value in and of itself.

  • Gary

    Muslim have 56 islamic hell-holes they can go live in if they pine for the days of oppression and flogging women .
    I don’t want the islamic hell-holes to come here to canada, so we must stop Trudeau in 2019 and Wynne in 2018.