The Real O’Reilly Factor

When a news story includes sex, it becomes about sex. The reason is simple: sex is sexy. It’s sexy to think about and talk about and argue over. We all have strong opinions about it. It tends to overshadow everything else.

So the story of Bill O’Reilly’s fall at Fox News is now about sex and that’s what everyone’s discussing. Did O’Reilly harass women or did he get burned by lies and left-wing campaigners? Were the charges proven? Did the charges matter? Are the women believable? Are they gold diggers? Is it all a big fuss about nothing?

  • ontario john

    Yes the Toronto Star is shocked by his behaviour. They have been running stories about it for the past few days. You know, the Toronto Star that made headlines for sordid sex triangles and suicide in its news room. Or maybe we could mention the reporter that beats the shit out of people.

    • Not the Star! That temple of self-righteous rectitude!

      • Maggat

        Don’t you mean ‘rectumtude’?

  • Dana Garcia

    Whatever the reason, the takedown of Bill O’Reilly is a cause for celebration among the left.

    People may forget, but he was the first to highlight the crime victims of illegal aliens, more than a decade ago.

  • Morticiaa

    Yup exactly and will anyone ever really know the facts
    I used to enjoy parts of his programs occasionally
    But harassment is now a big deal back ages ago it wasn’t
    There are schools in Edmonton named after sexual harassers who really
    Did fuck up the career paths of many women in the past
    And there are today women who charge this just to get the money
    When it is their own incompetence and not the spurning of some guys
    Advances thT led to their lack of promotion or firing

    • Frances

      Agree, Morticia – there was – and probably still is – sexual harassment of women; there is also (and probably was – of homosexuals) sexual harassment of men. These days, men can be harassed by women. I remember, quite some years ago, listening to my spouse’s comments about a co-worker’s behaviour and hearing alarm bells ring. As I recall, my advice was to the effect of “Stay clear, stay VERY clear; that person is a harassment suit looking for a co-worker to lay it on.”

  • David Murrell

    A brilliant article by Andrew Klavan for PJ Media, an article everyone should read.

    Throughout US history, the mass media was owned and run by both liberals and conservatives. That made election fights fair, in the sense that, with a multiplicity of opinion, voters had access to varying views. But this is the danger of the media today: it is almost all one-sided liberal. This imbalance tilts the playing field in favour of Democrats. Onesidedness also cheapens the debate (see how shallow universities are).

    One thing Klavan brings up is the FOX News is conservative only because of the dictates of 86-year-old Rupert Murdoch. This is the way it is. Conservative media are conservative only because of the beliefs of one or two owners. TIME magazine way back when was conservative only because of the beliefs of the Luce family. But when the family sold their interests, the corporations that took over turned the mag into another banal, left–wing outlet.

    I agree with Klavan. The conservative movement needs more entrepreneurial media (like Ezra Levant). Things as they are are a drab wasteland.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      End partisan media and have independent media as Fox, CBC and all mainstream media including Rebel which does support the Conservative party and the Liberal party with CBC, CTV are all for the political oligarchic system like in the US.

      What we need in Canada is an actual multi-party democracy where any person can win on a ballot.

      The election with Trump showed that a buffoon can become president promising to change the system and turn out to be a liar.

      The solutions can only come from minor parties.

      Don’t forget Trump ran for a major party, something the mainstream right, left and centre continue to go on about!

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Even suggesting that the left all support globalization when the right is just as guilty of that.

        Now we have Trump supporting free trade when he promised protectionism and railing against Canada’s protectionist dairy industry.

        The civic nationalists, communists and socialists and liberal conservatives in Canada in the minor party movements want serious ways to make Canada independent and move away from mainstream-created partisanship.

        In fact, in the by-election, Dorian Baxter suggested that with the Progressive Canadian party a moderate conservative party in Canada wants to have some protectionism, some free trade and increasing corporate tax cuts and freeing the CBC from the oligarchs in Ottawa.

        That is how to drain the swamp in Canada.

        You also drain the swamp by using the Bank of Canada for interest free loans.

        Trump will not pull a James Madison and be for using a value based currency like when the US used a gold standard.

        It is clear that mainstream parties destroy nations and the media that follows those parties!

    • This just came out yesterday: it gets into some of the same subjects.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Levant supports globalism, continentalism and fascism and wants global war and is therefore a globalist according to the true definition on what it means to be for neoliberalism and globalism and globalization.

      Being for a populist, neoliberal and conservative media in that sense means supporting failed austerity, no value-based currency and being for national suicide and supporting no real form of nationalism other than defense of the nation but no social programs, no means for the average person to have a stable job and being against balance on economics.

      Don’t forget the fact that Levant wants free trade even faster than the Harper regime and no protectionism and no national unity among the nation.

      Therefore, this whole idea of left versus right is a failed dichotomy and one that will not bring Canada forward and why Canadians need to elect Progressive Canadian party MPs immediately to end the selling out of Canada on water, resources, trade agreements, military adventurism and end partisanship and educate Canadians on our Westminster parliamentary democracy.

      You also repair Canada by breaking the monopoly in the people’s parliament and choose sovereignty over corporatism which the Conservative party is for.

      Choose the Progressive Canadian party of Canada, a moderate conservative option for true one nation conservatism.

  • Hard Little Machine

    TV isn’t the real world. An accusation is a self convicting crime. It always has been. But the advantage here is that WE can barrage the left in an organized campaign just like this one and bury them one by one too. This is a dirty fight, a war. Fuck them and they can die screaming all of them. Accuse them all of rape. Everyone on CNN and MSNBC and Shep Smith. Bury them. Unless and until a few of them kill themselves it wont stop. You want fair? A fair fight is where I win and your mama cries at your funeral.