Sydney schoolgirl, 17, who sent at least $17,000 to ISIS fighters in Syria faces up to 15 years in prison

A Sydney teenager who sent thousands of dollars to Islamic State fighters overseas is fighting an application for her sentence to be decided in the NSW District Court where she’d face a tougher sentence.

The 17-year-old, who can’t be named for legal reasons, has so far had her matter heard in a children’s court where the maximum sentence for the offence is two years.

But prosecutor Troy Anderson argued in the Parramatta Children’s Court on Friday that a heftier sentence was warranted given the severity of the crime and her level of involvement over many months.

  • Gary

    Canada’s YOA did not take into account that the Nation would be flooded with followers of islam that have a Holy book where it orders all males over 13 to do Jihad for allah and the caliphate.
    That’s why Omar Khadr’s Father got his sons into Jihad terrorism because it’s sanctioned in the quran. Omar was not a Victim of his Father’s child abuse which the CBC uses to excuse away islamic terrorism by the youth in the mosques.

    Our Courts will have to deal with teen Terrorist and teen rape gangs along with islamic Drug gangs where children will be runners just like in the Black community Welfare housing that use 12 years old that can’t be arrested and jailed.

    One example is from the time when a Somali girl was gang-raped in a High school near Little Somalia . It happened in the Gym and was kept quiet while the police washed their hands of it.
    But Sheema Khan from the hamas -linked CAIR jump on the story when it was leaked to the media. She thought she had her Poster Girl for Racism and islamophobia in canada to help push her Sharia in canada .
    The CBC paraded Khan and a few Imam’s on TV to denounce it and demand the rapists get the full weight of the law ….WELL , that was before the whole story came out the rapists were Somali males at the school that saw her in the gym un-escorted and raped her under sharia as a punishment so she can’t get married to a true muslim.

    Suddenly Sheema Khan dropped her faux outrage to then agreed with the Police that it was a Cultural issue for the Mosque and community to deal with.
    Here’s the perfect example of taqiyyah for muslims to LIE to the unbelievers . The Police and school had been working with the local Somali Mosques and community , they were told by the Imam’s about the Hijab and Niqabs to keep the women pure because they can’t get married to muslim among them if she it not a virgin.

    So when the school and Police told the media that they didn’t want the girls name to go public and ruin her chance of getting married under sharia’s rules . The Imam’s and Ms.Khan went back on the CBC to deny what the Somali Imam told the Police the school by claiming that there is NO rule in islam that a raped women can’t be married to a muslim man.

    Muslims women have been tossed under the Bus by Liberals in Ontario and Toronto because Michael Bryant did NOT order Police Chief Blair to enforce canada’s laws on Muslims and arrest and charge the Muslims students that admitted to that gang rape by boasting it was for allah and islam.
    One of the scams for poloygamy in Ontario is for the Muslims wife to allege domestic abuse when she calls the special Muslims Hotline Government phone number to get welfare and housing. They are not coached to call 9-1-1 and have the husband arrested or removed from the home because other muslims will punish her for not obeying her husband.

    So , each of the 4 wives LIES about abuse to get Welfare and housing which can add up to $6000.00 a month while the husband doesn’t got to jail.
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    Note the silence from NAC and Naomi Klein as well as Susan G Cole that loves to bash heterosexual Christian males but goes silent over islam and honour killings.